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The Development of Forestry Industry in Henan Province Model

Author DuWenKai
Tutor MengQuanSheng
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Forestry Economics and Management
Keywords forestry industry development mode Henan
CLC F326.24
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Forestry industry is the role of the market economy in the forestry law of the results of production activities, but also from traditional forestry to modern trends in forestry development and direction. In China’s socialist market economy conditions, as the forestry industry to adapt to China’s rural reform and development needs arising from a new form of organization and operation of forestry machinery, forestry in improving the efficiency of production, increase farmers income and promoting rural economic development play an important role. On the industrialization of forestry studies and discussions became the theory and practice of the majority of forestry workers in the focus of attention.Located in central Henan Province, in recent years, the industrialization of forestry development from the start, from advancing to the increase achieved significant results. However, with the developed coastal regions and around the advanced provinces, Henan Province of the current industrialization of agriculture in the development of the scale, the development of strength, organization model, operating mechanisms, support policies, there are still many problems, the objective needs of the forestry industry operators to make new breakthroughs.Based on this consideration, this article from a combination of theoretical and practical point of view, the use of forest industry research and development theory, a theoretical analysis and practical guidance combined with examples of appraisal methods, in-depth understanding and analysis of forestry industry background , based on the content of the substance, from developed countries and the developed areas in the development of forestry industry inspiration and experience, through the development of forestry industry in Henan Province Status and characteristics of different development models for analysis, pointing out that the process of forestry development in Henan Province, primarily in the and forestry industry in Henan Province from the operation of the status quo, the proposed development of forestry industry in Henan Province’s general idea and the response, the main conclusions are as follows: (1) of Henan Province, the development of forestry industry, mainly through the first step, all-round development and rapid increase in three stages, through development, forest products processing industry in Henan Province has made great progress in increasing year by year the number of enterprises with total assets have been expanding, and gradually extend the industrial chain, comprehensive strength and drive to increase the capacity of farmers growing the market for sale increasingly perfect service system, out of the "leading enterprises + farmers", "leading enterprises + base 10 farmers," "professional association of 10 leading enterprises + peasant households" such as the development of more successful models. (2) pointed out the need to further promote the industrialization of forestry in Henan Province, Henan forestry industry to improve the quality and level of operation and speed up the promotion of regional socio-economic development in Henan Province, according to the scientific concept of development of advanced concepts, from the integration of collaboration, the market operation, industry integration and management system of forestry industry in Henan Province etc. Construction of the development of forestry industry system and framework. According to this system and framework, to further promote the industrialization of forestry in Henan Province, the need to proceed from the following aspects: First, from the forestry industry to improve the development of leading enterprises in the internal environment and external environment started to promote the forestry industry standardization, nurturing a strong brand , vigorously implement the strategy of brand management, a holistic approach to develop new markets, create brand lim Henan image; Second, to deepen the reform of forestry support to enhance the right of the main income-lin, by adjusting the forestry taxes and charges, profit margins to improve forestry, forestry industry to expand the chain to increase the lam value-added products, the realization of the right to information, transparency Lin, and further promote the forest right system reform; Third, do a good job of forestry popularization and application of technological innovation and enhance the capacity of Industry and Energy, on the one hand to increase the funding of forestry science and technology innovation input, on the other hand, new varieties of forestry credit and credit guarantee model, the establishment of multi-input mechanisms, and risk investment mechanism, promote the combination of forestry education system to improve the development of forestry; Fourth, forestry and other industries to accelerate the pace of integration, speed up forestry and information technology, industry, tourism and forestry industries the pace of melting; 5 speed up the forestry supply chain system, and further improve the forestry value chain, logistics chain, the information chain and chain system organizations.

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