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The Study on Sustainable Development in Jiangsu Sericulture

Author ZhouWeiYang
Tutor ZhangQiuLin
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Jiangsu sericulture modern sericulture sericulture economy sustainable development
CLC F326.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th considers building a new socialist countryside as a major historical task in China’s modernization proceeding, it becomes the strategic direction of national "11th Five-Year" plan to resolve "Three Rural Issues". So studying on sustainable development in Jiangsu sericulture is an important aspect to solve "Three Rural Issues" in our province. It plays a basic role in the development of cocoon and silk industry in Jiangsu, it is of great significance in building a new socialist countryside, which can increase the economic benefits of sericulture production and the farmers’incomes.Cocoon, floss and silk are the traditional export products in China. At present, the outputs of floss and silk account the first place in the world, and the exit dose account 82% and 45% of the total amount of world trade. So, it plays a very important part in the world market, nevertheless, Jiangsu sericulture also plays a very important role in the whole nation. Jiangsu sericulture has a glorious history of 5500 years, and Jiangsu silk has the reputation of "Producting millions of silk each day can cover the world". Planting mulberry trees and sericulture have always been an important part of agriculture in Jiangsu countryside. In 2006, the areas of plantations of mulberry trees were about 137 million mu in Jiangsu, the amount of seed products were about 3 million pieces per year, and the amount of cocoon products were about 1,180,000 tons per year. The areas of plantations of mulberry trees account the second of the whole nation, the amount of seed products account the second and the amount of cocoon products account the second, too. However, with the development of the industrial economy in Jiangsu, and the acceleration of the urbanization, the development of Jiangsu sericulture has encountered many problems such as policy environment, economic environment, natural environment, technological environment, etc. Then it becomes an obstacle factors against the sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture. In addition, with the rapid development of some developing countries abroad and central and western regions of our country, as well as the competitions of related industries, the development of the traditional sericulture economy has been challenged severely.The demise of sericulture in European, the recession of sericulture in Japan and the transition of Jiangsu sericulture from south to north, all of these have alarmed us.So the study on how to maintain the sustainable development of sericulture in Jiangsu is a very important issue. It is not only of theoretical significance, but also of practical significance to implement the increase efficiency of sericulture, to increase farmers’incomes, to maintain the overall, coordinated and sustainable development in rural economyThis study aims directly at the problems that we face in current development of Jiangsu sericulture. It combines the basic characteristic of the production of Jiangsu sericulture, and bases on the theory of sustainable development, innovation theory, and the theories of modern sericulture. Theory combines with practice. It uses the basic method of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and combines on the spot investigations and typical investigations, logical thinking, comparative analysis and comprehensive study, empirical analysis and normative analysis together. It is a more complete study on the sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture. It expounds the history and the status quo of Jiangsu sericulture more systematically, and analyses the constraint factors of sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture, and also analyses the positive conditions of sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture. According to the basic thinking of sustainable development, and combining the situations of politic, economy and culture in Jiangsu, the study has proved the necessity and possibility of sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture. The study has established the directions and the methods of sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture, and then proceeded to the basic conclusions and policy recommendations of sustainable development of Jiangsu sericulture.The study contacts closely with the production of Jiangsu sericulture, so, many of the information and data are the first-hand in productions. The problems mentioned in the study are needed to be resolved urgently in the production of Jiangsu sericulture. The basic conclusions and policy recommendations in the study are more feasible in production, operation and management. Of course, silk production is a complex systematic project. It includes "agriculture, industry, commerce" The study mainly focuses on the most basic part of sericulture "agriculture"---sustainable development of sericulture product. It studies less on industry and commerce, so we need a further study on them.

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