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The sheet electron stable transmission theory research

Author ZhongJie
Tutor DuanZhaoYun
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electronic Science and Technology
Keywords Sheet electron Diocotron PPQM Particle simulation
CLC O572.322
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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After the outbreak of the Second World War, are widely used in the military field, state-of-the-art technology has been the rapid development of new technologies such as satellite communications, space exploration, radar countermeasures, scientists of all countries need to be able to work in the high power of the high-frequency band microwave and millimeter wave devices. After long-term research of scientists from various countries, found that the use of sheet electron the microwave electric vacuum devices to operate at high frequencies and high power microwave. Compared to the annular or circular electron injection, the ribbon electron injection has its own prominent advantages: First, it is small in size, carrying the current is large, capable of outputting the high power microwave; Secondly, it is the small space charge effect on the focusing system. low magnetic field requirements; Third, the small size of microwave tube sheet electron, low processing cost, higher efficiency. The stable sheet electron transfer has been troubled by the problem of scientists from various countries, if the sheet electron focusing With after transfer some distance microwave tubes, it will disperse into certain filaments, which is Diocotron instability. The main work of this thesis is as follows: 1, starting from the Maxwell equations, the sheet electron transmission process Diocotron instability analysis theoretical instability Diocotron, and the MAGIC particle simulation software The sheet electron analog observed Diocotron instability. Quadrupole magnetic field of the permanent magnet of the life cycle that PPQM magnetic field to focus the sheet electron inhibition of its Diocotron instability. First theory analysis of the structure of the magnetic field PPQM PPQM magnetic field is the the mixed PCM magnetic field and PQM magnetic field magnetic field after the the series derivation the PPQM magnetic field structure theory expression. Subsequently, the derivation of the equation the single electron PPQM magnetic field sports, and single electron motion is obtained by numerical simulation trajectory, the MAGIC particle simulation software to simulate the focusing effect of the magnetic field on the sheet electron in different peak magnetic field PPQM finally come to choose the right peak magnetic field PPQM magnetic field can be focused sheet electron. Mixed magnetic field, the use PCM magnetic field and PPQM of magnetic field on the sheet electron focusing, the sheet electron transfer from a mixture of two magnetic fields, using MAGIC-dimensional particle simulation software to simulate the sheet electron in hybrid magnetic field focusing effect, and came to the conclusion, when the peak magnetic field, mixed field consisting PCM magnetic field and PPQM of magnetic field can be focused sheet electron. 4, and finally the Magic dimensional particle simulation software, compared with a ribbon electron injection respectively, in the transmission characteristic in the the PCM wiggler and PPQM magnetic field to draw the advantages and disadvantages of the transmission in PCM wiggler and PPQM magnetic field.

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