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Live alone the study of parasitic soup rabbit lumbar disc herniation model in vivo tumor necrosis factor in rats

Author LiZhouJin
Tutor WuGuanBao
School Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM orthopedics and traumatology
Keywords Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe LDH TNF-α
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objeetive:To evaluate Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe’s effect on TNF-αof the patients suffering from LDH, by observing variation in content of TNF-αof LDH’spilot model which were drenched with Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe. And then definite that if the Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe have adjustive function on TNF-a or not,and take further research into molecular biological mechanisms of the treatment effect on LDH. To confirm the therapeutic action on LDH by compare with physiological saline,and compared the curative effect to Voltaren belonged to NSAID.Method:seventy five rabbits, grouped into five groups(the black group, the false Surgery Models group,the model black group,the Voltaren group, the Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe)by random, after the experimental model of LDH were built and were successful validation by CT scan.TNF-αcontaining of serum and the surgical part,tectology changes of intervertebral disc were detect before and after the molding and later the second weeks Result:1.tectology:After the modeling, nucleus pulposus and annulus tissue lesions seen in granulation tissue ingrowth, neovascularization and inflammatory cell infiltration,by gavage Duhuojisheng soup and Voltaren, the infiltration of inflammatory cells was significantly reduced.2.blood biochemical indexes:There were statistical differences between the TNF-αcontaining of scrum in each group, after the experiment model were successfully built, and there were statistical increment in TNF-αcontaining in each group than before.The TNF-αcontaining in group the Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe and the Voltaren were dramatic decline with statistical significance,and there were statistical differences in drop-out value between the two groups,the drop-out value in group Voltaren was greater than group the Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe.Conclusion:Experemental animal model of LDH could be built by model making device.Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root and Mistletoe have obvious therapeutic action on LDH,with the function of reducing swelling and inflammation. There were protecting function on vertebral pulp and nerve root by reducing the containing of TNF-αand other inflammatory factor in scrum and diseased region.

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