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Study on the Pineapple Fruit Vinegar Brewed from Pineapple Peel

Author FuZuoHua
Tutor WangYongHua
School South China University of Technology
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Pineapple skin Vinegar Pre-treatment process Liquid fermentation Flavor analysis
CLC TS264.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Pineapple pineapple fruit processing wastes, nutrients similar to pineapple fruit has a use value. Pineapple blues into pineapple vinegar products, in addition to addressing the pineapple industry pineapple waste is discarded caused by environmental pollution and resource waste problem, but also improve the the pineapple processing of value-added, to promote the development of the pineapple industry. In this thesis, pineapple skin as raw materials, pineapple vinegar liquid fermentation process, identified the pineapple vinegar fermentation process to optimize the alcoholic fermentation and acetic acid fermentation conditions to evaluate the quality of pineapple fruit vinegar products, preliminary exploration pineapple The vinegar flavor components of pineapple vinegar-depth processing and industry to provide the theoretical basis and technical support. Leather pineapple juice natural fermentation, skin juice vaccination fermentation, skin pulp natural fermentation and Paper pulp inoculated fermented pineapple vinegar fermentation: pineapple juice inoculated fermentation fermentation better, resulting sense of fermented products The Overview rating Preferably, the alcohol and acetic acid content in the fermentation broth were higher, respectively, 5.7% (v / v) and 3.93g/100mL. The hot pressing method, freshly squeezed law and three enzyme pressing method pineapple juice pineapple skin juice yield. The results showed that the enzyme pressing method preferred by the process of juice. Enzyme pressing method further process optimization, to obtain the optimum conditions: the dosage of 0.2% pectinase hydrolysis time for 3.5h, the reaction temperature to 45 ° C, enzymatic pH 4.0. Under these conditions, the enzyme pressing method juice yield of about 72.71%. Preliminary Study on the mixed fermentation of pineapple vinegar brewed and found: when Angel brewer's yeast, and yeast mixed 3:1 An Qisheng Hong fermentation, the fermentation broth liquor yield, moderate esters, The flavor is mellow and soft. Response surface analysis method to optimize the pineapple vinegar fermentation conditions, the optimal process parameters to obtain the alcoholic fermentation: a temperature of 23.1 ° C, pH3.74, 17% of the initial sugar Angel brewer's yeast inoculum size of 3.3%, the Anqi Sheng Hong yeast inoculation amount was 1.1%; the acetic fermentation optimal process parameters for: the initial alcohol 7.2% (v / v), the temperature was 30.3 ° C, 7.2% of the amount of acetic acid bacteria inoculation. Pineapple vinegar acidity in the optimum value of approximately 4.7g/100mL. Pineapple vinegar products brewed from the sensory evaluation and determination of physical and chemical indicators, pineapple vinegar senses indicators, physical and chemical indicators and microbial indicators in full compliance with the national standards of the vinegar. By gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC / MS) is the first brewed pineapple vinegar analysis identified pineapple vinegar contains 36 kinds of flavor ingredients, including 13 kinds of flavor components are volatile flavor system, 23 species belonging to the non-volatile flavor system. In the volatile flavor system, acids accounted for 41.776%, 3.15% of the alcohols, aldehydes accounted for 0.102% 44.069% esters, hydrocarbons accounted for 7.065%; non-volatile flavor system, acid substances accounting for 6.227 percent, accounted for 25.21% of alcohols, aldehydes, accounting for 0.658%, accounted for 41.043% of esters, phenolic compounds and other substances accounted for 4.009% 5.321%. Those substances together to form the unique flavor of pineapple fruit vinegar.

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