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Manufacture of A Measurement and Test System About Stability of Sizing Material Base on Fe3O4 Nanopartical Magnetic Fluid

Author HuangXingXing
Tutor HuXiaoFang
School South China University of Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Slurry Nano- magnetic fluid LC oscillator circuit Stability
CLC TB383.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The slurry is a dispersoid particle diameter from between coarse dispersed system and solutions of a class of liquid dispersion. This is a highly dispersed multiphase heterogeneous system ; both due to its internal solid particles have a liquid base fluid , and thus have many new physical mechanism and characteristics of the slurry are many new functional materials . So for slurry forefront of materials science research to become hot . Slurry , solid particle size, size distribution parameters and dispersion stability, which is the production of pulp , preparation and applications without an important part . Therefore slurry stability testing methods and testing techniques are an important aspect of the study slurry . Since many types of pulp , paper is based on research group to carry out joint research when : the nano- Fe3O4 magnetic fluid . The development test system , use of the LC oscillator frequency f of the circuit inductance L and capacitance C and the variation of the change , with electric , automatic control means , the first slurry was prepared for testing the stability of the test system ; exploiting weak external magnetic field induced oxidation preparation of Fe3O4 particles precipitated , and using a 0.5 % to 2 % of the silane coupling agent KH560 right of Fe3O4 particles coated modified and 1% to 4% of the mass fraction of the surfactant on the nano Fe3O4 particles Span80 # oil and 20 constitute the magnetic fluid dispersion ; final use of the self-made system that detects the above nano- Fe3O4 magnetic fluid , the stability of the results obtained . The main conclusions are as follows : ( 1 ) the use of LC oscillator frequency f of the circuit inductance L and capacitance C and the variation of the change obtained slurry used for the stability test system. ( 2 ) The test system can be a good characterization of nano- Fe3O4 magnetic fluid stability test results in line with expectations . (3) 1.5% KH560 3% Span80 combination of additives formulated with nano- Fe3O4 magnetic fluid compared to other concentration KH560 and Span80 Fe3O4 nanoparticles prepared magnetic fluid is more stable. In summary, the use of the LC oscillator frequency f of the circuit inductance L and capacitance C of the law of change , can be used as basis for evaluation of the slurry stability testing . 1.5% KH560 3% Span80 combination of additives can be prepared relatively stable nano- Fe3O4 magnetic fluid ; This also shows that the proposed ideas and methods may also become a test for the evaluation of the stability of the slurry as a solution.

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