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Research & Development of Elbow Pipe Clamping Fixture Design System Based on Unigraphics

Author PengBo
Tutor LiaoDunMing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Secondary development Parameterization design Elbow pipe Clamping fixture design system UG Standard component template
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Elbow pipe parts are widely used in many industries, such as automobile, shipping and aircraft, etc. Bending clamping fixture is a type of mechanical device used for getting pipes into shape. With the rapid growth of the industry, bent pipe manufacturers have increased their demand for clamping fixture day by day and the competition has forced them to pay more attention to the improvement and development of elbow pipe clamping fixture technique.Conventional design of clamping fixture is based on the universal CAD software, wholly designed artificially. However, bent pipe accessories have relative dedication character, which brings clamping fixture design a necessity of sharp dedication character also. So to promote the designing efficiency and quality is an imperative problem to deal with, and the industry is desiderating the research & development of dedicated elbow pipe clamping fixture design systems. Based on the above background, this research uses UG as the platform to complete a clamping fixture design system applied to elbow pipes.This article firstly analyses the origin, purpose and significance of this research, describes domestic and overseas development of common three-dimensional systems and the secondary development clamping fixture design systems developed on them, and then introduces the development trend of them; on the above basis and according to the designing demand of the company, makes an overall design of the system, clarifies the function of each module and the relations between them; introduces the development platform and tools; gives a detailed introduction of key techniques demanded by this secondary development: parameterization design method, standard component template technique, self-recognition assemble of clamping fixture module.The bending of the pipes and the generation of clamping fixture module are the core of this design. This paper elaborates the essence of tube bending and brings up the“Reverse Technique”algorithm of bending execution, which guarantees the efficiency and accuracy of pipe bending; according to standard component template technique and self-recognition assembly technique, uses parameterization design method to achieve the generation of each clamping fixture module.On the above basis, this paper certified the feasibility and high-efficiency of using this system with a real pipe design example. The result shows the design efficiency can be greatly increased by using this system for clamping fixture design.

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