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Study on Multiple Project Management of Small and Medium Powerstation Maintenace

Author FuFengJin
Tutor ChenXiaoHui
School Chongqing University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Multi-Project Management Organization Optimization Cooperating Progress Plan Resource Arrangement Optimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Hydropower station maintenance enterprise is conducted specifically for equipment maintenance services for hydropower stations, the quality of maintenance will directly affect the reliability of hydropower operation, safety and operating costs. Hydropower equipment maintenance generally run by project management, which requires high technical expertise, has high risk and high time restriction. As social and economic development, China’s abundant hydropower resources have been more deeply developed, the number of small and medium sized hydropower stations increasing every year. Hydropower station maintenance business is conducted specifically for outsourcing maintenance services business. Hydropower Maintenance Company’s target is to organize a number of maintenance project management with limited resource, provide the best service for the power station, and create the maximum profit for the enterprise itself.This thesis focuses on the core of multi-project management of station maintenance enterprises - resource scheduling, builds the framework of the paper, consists of three aspects: multi-project organization and management mode, multi-project progress scheduling system, multi-project resource optimization scheduling. Multi-project resource scheduling needs the base of enterprise multi-project organization and management mode, and a reliable planning system as a support to be effectively implemented.Through analysis of common organization mode of small and medium hydropower enterprise project management, the paper finds all types of organization modes can not completely adapt to the requires of strategic direction, focusing on the program, multi-project operation at the same time. Therefore, we build a new three-level "project strategy office - Project Management Office - Project group" the organizing and control mode. Strategic management office is responsible for project bidding decision-making, project management office is mainly to coordinate, control and support multiple projects, and the project teams are responsible for the implementation of individual projects. The new system could innovate the composition of projects, to ensure the individual project team set up the operation efficiently, and the flexibility of mobility of human source arrangement between projects.On this basis, the paper discusses the establishment of multi-project collaborating scheduling system. The last process planning system was introduced in multi-project collaborating scheduling system, set up the "main plan - forward looking plan - implementation of Weekly program," three-tier multi-project scheduling system, and designs detailed project schedule development and feedback processes . Project Management Office and the project team to formulate plan the main plan, forward looking plan, and then report to the Project Management Office, Project Management Office allocate the resources, and feed back to the project team, then the professional project teams prepare "weekly implementation program." based on the project the preparation conditions and resources in place.In the base of multi-project process schedule, the paper researches the optimized allocation of resources. In the condition of resource constraints and conflicts, in the goal of the shortest total multi-project time limit, the paper builds a single implement resource-constrained project scheduling module. In the solution process of the module, the paper firstly creates a project evaluation system, using Grey System Theory to calculate the project priority weights and then chooses a genetic algorithm for module solution, to resolve resource conflicts under the conditions of multi-project resource scheduling problem.Finally, the paper discusses the implementing of multi-project management solutions to small and medium hydropower maintenance enterprises, adjusts its organizing, planning system, and applies idiographic case of the multi-project resource arrangement.

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