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Pollution and deal with the use of pesticides : Shanxi

Author LiJinRong
Tutor WangSheJiao
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course History of Science and Technology
Keywords Shanxi Province Pesticide Pesticide use Negative effects Response
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Pesticides refers can prevent, kill and control of a single substance and mixing substance in any pest, and plant growth regulating agent, preservative and the like, including chemicals. China is a large agricultural population accounts for about 60% -70% of the total population, agriculture as the basis of industry, supporting the development of the national economy. China is an agricultural pest-prone countries, and the use of chemical pesticides for China's grain production has played a important role in the stability and yield. Shanxi Province is a major agricultural province of central China. Since the 1950s started using pesticides, Shanxi Province, to promote the use of chemical pesticides has reached more than 180 varieties of species, the the annual prevention area and economic benefits are very impressive. Pesticide after all, is a double-edged sword, its insecticidal, bactericidal and high toxicity, fatal exist. Shanxi Province and even the country have appeared due to the use of pesticides and the negative effects of humans and animals, water, soil, atmosphere, worthy of attention and reflection. This article from the four parts of the crowd response to the environment caused by the negative effects of the use of pesticides in Shanxi province, were studied. The development process of the first part of Shanxi Province, the use of pesticides. First of all, from the varieties of pesticides, pesticide research, pesticide use statistics illustrate the history of the development of the Shanxi Province since the 1950s, since the use of pesticides; Second, from the pesticide regulatory system construction, the pesticide registration and market management Shanxi Province pesticides, pesticide quality and residue detection supervision and management development course. Outlined above, the basic instructions for the use of pesticides in Shanxi. The second section describes and analyzes some of the cases of negative environmental effects caused by the widespread use of pesticides in Shanxi Province. Due to the long-term, continuous, a large number of irrational use of pesticides, resulting in a typical case of a lot of negative environmental effects. The one hand, the influence of the creatures, including humans. Cited article from the use of pesticides on the negative impact of plant, animal, human and analyzes several typical cases in Shanxi Province. Especially in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, for example, a typical analysis of the region's natural environment, agricultural production and the use of pesticides, and the hazards of pesticides poisoning with typical 1605. The other hand, the impact on soil, water and atmosphere. This article is typical cases cited Shanxi. The third part analyzes the attitude and response of the government and the people in the environment before and after the negative effects. Caused due to the use of pesticides and environmental events, by their nature, should belong to public health emergencies. Before and after the events of this environment, the government and the public attitude towards the use of pesticides has what changes. In this section, the article about the first promotion, supervision, testing and other work done by the government before the negative environmental effects, and the change in attitude after the incident and response. Second, the article pesticide use power from the people, purpose, environmental awareness about the people in the environmental events before and after the changes. As farmers, and environmental events most closely associated groups, because of many reasons, their concern for the agricultural environment and rural environment is not great, which is the current problems faced by the rural, so this phenomenon in-depth study to improve agriculture and rural environment has a very real sense. The fourth part of the article is summarized from the point of view of environmental history. Admittedly, pesticide production in the agricultural production has an important role to ensure food production, but the negative environment can not be ignored. In the study of this problem, all kinds of people who live in one of the more attention should be paid to their attitude changes and respond to environmental history forever content.

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