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Alfred Schnittke "Revis Fairy-tale" of the Research

Author ZhangMengMeng
Tutor ChenYiMing
School Shandong Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords Alfred Schnittke Suite Title Music New music of the twentieth century
CLC J624.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Alfred Schnittke is a representative figure of the new era of modern music in the mid-twentieth century Russia, is an innovative composer, is Russia's most famous contemporary composers, and Denisov,古拜杜琳娜 and hailed as \Alfred Schnittke enjoys a high reputation in the world music scene, was called \His life has created a large number of works, related to a variety of music genres, a style widely energetic composer. Schnittke fusion of baroque, jazz, twelve-tone row in the creation of many different factors, makes his work is dazzling and colorful. Of which he is the author of the \Drawn, sound effects, musical skills has unique differences in this article from the four-part analysis study. Music body analysis the main line, in-depth and detailed study of Schnittke's first \the corresponding analysis. The the first part Shiniteke Us \and other innovative features. Third, start from the composer himself and his creation of the \The second part is the \conduct a comprehensive analysis of its musical structure, melody, texture, rhythm, beat, tone tonality, and constitute the characteristics of the work from four aspects as a basis to summarize it. The third section details the characteristics of the twentieth century, a new style of music in the manifestation of the \Interpretation in two ways, first, a brief about the the headline musical characteristics and its evolution process; second, from the the technical creative approach and style features of the various schools to elaborate on the characteristics of the twentieth century, a new style of music and its embodied. The fourth part is the analysis of the main points of playing technique. Thesis involved a more comprehensive technology works, mainly based on the author's own playing experience, make the appropriate play prompted in music processing skills use. Focus on three to elaborate: The first section is the classification analysis shaking bellows and glissando works two special playing skills; Section II describes the diacritical of use and performance; Section III provides a brief analysis of the Boeing hop sound, keep the tone of the play prompted.

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