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The Study of Theory Integration on Module Structure Annotation of English Written Academic Discourse

Author ShenYan
Tutor HuangPing
School Chongqing University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Rhetorical Structure Theory Genre analysis theory Chunk theory Academic Genres Discourse module label study
CLC H315
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Discourse Analysis in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, the rise and profound impact on the study of language in the traditional sense, discourse analysis research increasingly attracting countries, experts, scholars and researchers of various disciplines. Domestic academic discourse linguistics research in recent years show a growing trend Discourse application (such as the theory of systemic functional linguistics, genre theory, etc.) In addition to the study of basic theory, focusing on research in English and Chinese type language of academic discourse analysis and discourse characteristics. At the same time, the corpus study because of its rich corpus, ease of operation and processing has gradually become another trend of language study. Corpus studies in the past for word retrieval and matching, syntactic analysis, discourse stylistic features corpus corpus labeling studies and applications. Tagging is a huge project, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and often take a long time to some achievements. Academic language articles marked numbered. Academic Genres bilingual corpus based on already established, to which nearly 1000 English corpus as the research object, committed to the integration of rhetorical structure theory, theory of genre analysis theory and chunk integrated academic language class discourse module label study . This study attempts to macroeconomic theory, under the guidance of annotation and chunk under the guidance of the theory of microscopic marked two aspects Discourse module label from genre analysis, the focus is divided and marked chunk Academic Genres corpus key sentence from the micro processing throughout the macro and microeconomic theory to guide the main line is the rhetorical structure theory. This article will focus on pre-test as well as the actual labeling process to explain the three theories on how to integrate this label studies guiding theory. The results show that: First of all, used in this study, three theories are mutually contact interaction. Three theories are used to analyze the discourse of theory, RST is used to analyze the relationship of discourse within the convergence, especially the analysis of a larger unit of text or paragraph, the purpose is to provide a formal framework for language analysis and generation. Genre analysis theory is the higher stages of discourse analysis, can help people understand the internal rules of discourse structure, of the purpose of the communicative purpose of the discourse and social functions. Chunk theory analysis of discourse from the point of view of Chunk Chunk is the smallest unit to understand the meaning of Texts. Second, RST theory is the guiding ideology of the whole discourse annotation, to ensure that the level of discourse and annotations; genre analysis theory is used to guide the \used to guide the \In the course of the study, the authors first marked out the whole discourse language step or steps, then marked within each the language step or steps Chunk last RST tool to analyze and draw these language step or steps the relationship between the relationship between the chunk, as well as the relationship between language step Chunk. Finally, based on the structure and language marked block template, the study by nearly 1000 marked marked as a common-sense, has developed an academic writing software so academic writing easier and convenient. The software has a Find, customization, translation and other functions, can help learners to write more professional norms of scholarly articles. Of course, the study is still in the tentative stage, there are a number of follow-up work to be developed, such as: to expand the number of academic discourse marked by increase annotation personnel to avoid the label subjectivity; the language step in the refinement of the article, and the Chunk marked further enrich academic discourse framework template; labeling software applications with the RST tool to facilitate the analysis of the relationship between the label of each module. In this paper, the process of theory into practice to make a certain contribution to the study of academic discourse, but also enrich the content of the Corpus label study. This is a new perspective. The significance of this study lies in the theory and practice were combined, not only enriched the content of the Corpus discourse level, in the module structure marked on the basis of academic writing a template can help writers use more professional norms academic language.

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