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Acomparativeanalysis on Three Chinese Translation Versions of Wuthering Heights

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor XuBin
School Shandong Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Feminist Translation Theory Wuthering Heights Gender identity
CLC H315.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of translation studies, translation also gradually be included in the scope of cultural studies the ideological influence the impact of post-colonialism, ethnic discrimination, and feminism. Feminist studies also recognize that in the continuous development of the history and culture of a problem can not be ignored. After the success of feminism and translation to the general direction of the cultural transformation will inevitably affect each other. Feminist research is a hot topic of the rise of the humanities in recent years, compared with the colorful female literature female translator research can only be regarded as just starting out, the results just scattered in bits and pieces of related papers concentrate. However, the unique perspective of feminism and sharp critical edge has aroused enthusiasm translation researchers explore. The language behind bears profound and complex gender awareness, gender language subconscious undercurrent flowing, gender language is the manifestation of these two undercurrent. Sex, language, the language used to distinguish between the male and female gender identity language used by men and women, as well as a language phenomenon. The British linguist Lakoff summarized gender differences in language use, and that female terms is significantly different from the male six areas: vocabulary, such as the use of color terms, lamented the tone of the strength of the \use, declarative sentences using the interrogative mood, as well as speech acts indicative efforts. The shift in the cultural impact of this background, the Chinese translator more or less affected, but affected the extent it is difficult to judge. Therefore, the authors compared the three Chinese translation of \Three translations are well received by readers like the successful translation of a great deal of diversity in the style of translation, language expression and aesthetic standards. The author would like to emphasize is the translator Gender translations, especially by feminist translation theory affect female translator asked, and further pointed out that the feminist translation will highlight the female voice as much as possible to use some of the translation strategies and status. As the feminist translator Zhang Ling in terms of the use of specific language, but contrary to the language of the characteristics of the female gender, for example, tend to use the standard language, the use of the modal particle frequent the end of the sentence, vulgar or expletive avoidance, the description of the characters feelings . These features instructions to Zhang Ling did not yield to the patriarchal system of language, also did not hide their true gender identity, to the contrary, she is free to translate, translate its capability, showing a female figure naturally in translation. The feminist translator who subvert the traditional concept of \Since the standard of the translation is faithful to his reading, rather than the mechanical reproduction of the original intent, then the translation is a creative process. Her own female identity in the translation, faithful to their own reading gives new meaning to the translation, the translation of the analysis showed that by Zhang Ling \

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