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A Socio-semiotic Approach to Functional Equivalence in Popular Science Translation

Author TuBingLin
Tutor WangXiangLing
School Hunan University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Social Semiotics Significance Function Peer Popular Science Translation
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Science English is popular, lively, easy-to-understand language to educate the public and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, the writing style is a combination of literature and science. Science translation should combine technology translation and literary translation, it is necessary to reflect the accuracy and rigor of the scientific knowledge, but also reflects the popular and interesting, so that readers loved. Science English translation quality is uneven, the mistranslation of a more serious problem. The past few years, scholars of science English translation research, most of these studies, however, emphasis on the accuracy of the translation, translation standards and methods, the lack of a system theory as a support, it is unsatisfactory. In view of this, from the perspective of the social semiotic translation method to study science translation perfect science translation theory and practice to play a certain role. The author focuses on the actual value of the functional equivalence the social semiotic translation method in science translation process to seek, science translation between languages ??to the macro-structure of a microstructure gradual process from static to dynamic. The research topics include: first, whether the social semiotic translation method has translated feasibility study science, its concrete manifestation of how. Second, from the perspective of social semiotic translation method, science translation in Functional how to achieve. Third, what translation principles and translation methods can be used to improve the accuracy and readability of the translation. This study selected a well-known popular science book and periodicals as discussion example, the use of the the social semiotic translation standard \The symbol indicates that explore the meaning and function of reproduction: translation in alleged significance, the significance of the translator should primitives using the target language with the same meaning to information; linguistic meaning, a huge difference because in English, translator available natural language peer to reproduce the original information; pragmatic meaning from context meaning, with meaning and cultural significance to analyze. It concluded as follows: 1) the purpose of translation from the science and readers of view, the use of the the social semiotic translation method of science translation function peer feasible; 2) the alleged meaning and linguistic meaning involves the microscopic structure of the language, the macro-structure of the pragmatic meaning involves language, science translation is sought on the basis of language microstructure and macroscopic structural adjustment gradual process corresponding text translation to consider the relationship between language symbols, concepts and symbols users maximize the pass all kinds of sense to reduce the loss of information, do translations natural significance consistent and similar functions, in order to achieve functional equivalence; 3) the principle of popular science translation performance target language readers as the center, to be accurate, and reduce the barrier to understanding, in these guided by the principles of translation, rewrite, the interpretative translation and annotation translation can be used to improve the accuracy and readability of the translation as a valid translation method.

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