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Author ChenHuiWen
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School Fudan University
Course Ancient Literature
Keywords A Dream of Red Mansions Malaysia Spread Malaysian-Chinese literature
CLC I207.411
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The Chinese version of \Malaysian Chinese community has long been under the mutual development of the internal (Chinese culture) and external (national politics), to the contemporary created a number of quite a number of the cultural elite, these elite usually by the archivist and writer shoulder of passing on the responsibility of the Chinese culture. Dissemination of \A Dream of Red Mansions \This article aims to \From the point of view of Literature Communication, is divided into two parts to explore: One is the relationship between literary external elements spread, and the second is the relationship between literary body elements spread. Segments from the perspective of the history of Malaysia and the Malaysian Chinese cultural history (including the Chinese education and literature MCA) for the first part of combing the reviews of \the implementation of the new economic policy of the Malaysian government has a significant impact on Chinese society, and also the spread of the \In addition, the Malaysian Chinese ecological objective limits also led to the slow process of Redology research, and the spread of the \This is because the the early immigrants working-class, cultural and ecological starting from a very low; Chinese education to compete with the official education policy since independence, in the the institutional can not provide in-depth understanding of the Chinese culture and Chinese history; Chinese use in their daily only a small part of life; intellectuals both activists who lack the time to engage in serious academic study. Then, with the background of the times, this article is also on the mode of transmission of classified research. Since World War II, \The general spread of classical literature on ways to expand the audience's symbolic conversion work rewritten abbreviated version, adapted into a film and television work. In Malaysia is characterized by expanding the mode of transmission to allow more people to contact and understanding of \1950s, the spread of the \It is worth noting that the political thought is enough to affect the reviewers of literary theory. Late 1950s, early 1960s, left-wing thought in China rise, MCA writer and reviewer also be affected, according to the vines more than 40 articles of the \The mode of transmission expansion and the development of social history and culture have a great relationship. If you say \The 1980s, the various activities of the \community to inject a lot of cultural resources. Entered 2000, the mode of transmission of the \\In addition, the mode of transmission of the expansion and the audience's mind. Geographically long away from the cultural center of China, \different. Chinese on the one hand do not live in the Chinese context in mind, but because of the Chinese education and want to get close to the Chinese culture, mentality kind of cultural thirst and Cultural Imagination spread awareness of cultural construction as a literary purpose oil Health, however. And Malaysia from the founding of 53 years until now, in terms of national identity construction still is vague, MCA society often have their own cultural attributes of literary communication to achieve the purpose of the cultural roots, only the awareness of their own nation in the past, only may gradually construct their own cultural identity in the new land. Of course, because of the Chinese community in Malaysia accounted for only 30% of the population, coupled with the Chinese is not the official language in Malaysia, so the ecological development phase of the Chinese-speaking region for the Chinese Cultural Center is very slow, and the spread of the \goal, we can not expect the audience's cultural acceptance and the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, especially Redology research process. As for the \In this paper, the second part of the literary body elements spread relationship of the MCA novelist Tian Bao, for example, from month to explore Lee's novel \The authors think that the beauty of the month, Tian Bao inherited more from Eileen Chang Eileen Chang became the \From prose \Months from the origins of \This shows that the writers reading of classical works will have a subtle influence. The authors found Lee inheritance level language, such as facial description is related to the month of \\

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