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The Initiation of Eugene in Look Homeward, Angel: A Shakeoff of the Oedipus Complex

Author ZuoWenFang
Tutor WangWen;SunJian
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Thomas Wolfe Angel Look Homeward, Topic of Growth Deformity love Oedipus complex
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) was one of the writers of the prestigious modern history of American literature, four of the autobiographical novel laid the Wolf immortal status in American literature. In the Wolf short period of less than two decades writing career, he has created a four novels and thirty-two of short stories. These works is not only a manifestation of the language of his extraordinary ability to control, but also gives him the \\In the novel, Wolf hero Eugene Gantt shows the growth process. Asheville town too real novels describe and reflect the pro-German attitude to make it early in the publishing and unwelcome, Wolf, however, the exquisite use of language and unique creative skills transfer critic's attention. Now, the novel has been recognized as the representative of the Wolf. The novel tells the story of the growth process of the hero Eugene Gantt, Eugene is determined to go to Harvard University to continue their studies at the end. Eugene was born in a complex extended family, the family had no parents Enenaiai, frolicking among the brothers and sisters, and some are just endless verbal abuse and fighting. As the youngest child, Eugene childhood mother overly pampered, this creates a barrier for Eugene's physical and mental health. Under the guidance of Mrs. the Liena De and brother Abington, Eugene finally get rid of the shackles of the Oedipus complex, decided to leave his hometown to start a new journey in life. Therefore, from the story, which is a Bildungsroman. As a literary genre, the Bildungsroman popular writers of all ages in the world literature. In the class novel, the hero in a series of upbringing after both physically and mentally to get mature. Guide people in the growth process of the hero's role can not be ignored, their hero's growth or a positive effect or play a negative role. The author \, at the same time reflects the state of mind of the young people in the United States after the First World War. The entire paper is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is an introduction, including a brief introduction to Thomas Wolfe and his masterpiece, \Literature review as the second chapter, the theoretical preparation of the paper. In this chapter, the author briefly describes the \The paper body from the beginning of the third chapter. In the process of growing up, especially in the early stages of growth, the Oedipus complex as a psychological phenomenon is widespread, timely coordination is beneficial for the healthy growth of the Oedipus complex. Environment for the growth of that chapter to Eugene, combined with a comprehensive analysis of the Oedipus complex of the plot of the novel Eugene, and proposed that the mother's excessive love and intervention lead to Eugene failed to timely get rid of the Oedipus complex. Chapter Eugene growth to guide people to do the analysis. On the road of growth in Eugene, the Mrs. Lie Nade and brother Abington guiding role can not be ignored. As the the Eugene spirit of mother, Mrs. Lie Nade not only conferred on him by various literary knowledge, but also in their daily lives caring for Eugene. Brother Abington Eugene home close to him, as Eugene lifetime partners, Abington guide Eugene escape the confinement of the family, out of the dull hometown to pursue true freedom. Chapter Eugene pursuit the profiling of freedom. Grew up in a lack of family love full of indifference, Eugene feel very lonely. In Mrs. Lie Nade and brother Abington under the guidance of Eugene began the pursuit of freedom. Originally imagined to be a hero to the end of self-reliance, traveling alone to the end of the school insisted from the initial advance, Eugene quest fantasy gradually into concrete actions. After the death of his brother Abington You Jinyi contingent left the family, leaving the mother's control, far to Harvard to pursue their true ideal. Chapter conclusion of the full text summary of the comprehensive outline of the process of growth of the Eugene, Eugene freedom to pursue sublimation. As structural arrangements, the paper overall growth process of Eugene comprehensive outline, while the formation of the Wolf masterpiece \

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