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The Arm Out of the Poetry Tree

Author WangZuoZuo
Tutor YangJiangPing
School Shandong Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords "Mrs. Dalloway" Woolf·Virginia poetic novel aesthetic contribution
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Virginia·Woolf as the writer enjoy the world honor, and get many achievements both in theory, fiction, essays and reviews. She is not only representative of stream of consciousness novel, but also to explore a "meaningful" form, constructed the theory of poetic fiction. This innovative landscaping and art for the novels of the unique contribution made for the literary world was boring into a breath of fresh air. "Mrs. Dalloway" is one of Woolf’s masterpiece, is an obvious tendency of the poems of literary works. This works in this department, to discuss what Woolf’s poetic novel.The first chapter analyzes the formation of Woolf’s novels and poetic theory construction. Poetic novel is made in the turbulent environment, the war of the fire not only destroyed the city has destroyed people’s faith. Suspected of being, a sense of crisis, despair enveloped the people at that time. In this case, Woolf think that need a new form of literature to reflect the emotional changes people’s hearts, to give vent to people’s complex feelings. Woolf expression of feelings that poetry is not enough subtle, novels too keen on the outside world, in which case she has raised the theory of poetic fiction. Woolf considered that such a poetic novel is to have a grand vision poetry, to pay attention to people’s inner world, it the language of poetry, poetic mood, poetic techniques, the lyrical poetry into the novel inside. The first chapter introduces the last section of it, "Mrs. Dalloway" in the main content, but also from the overall analysis of the "Mrs. Dalloway" resistance poetry novel.Second paper of the "Mrs. Dalloway" Characteristics of Poetry. Part of this is the focus of this paper, mainly from three aspects of "Mrs. Dalloway" in the poetry of features. First, the poetry of life experience, the second ,the reference element of poetry, third, poetic philosophizing. From the contents of the poetic forms of poetry and poetic philosophizing discuss these three aspects.Woolf uses a new perspective ways in which we see a poetic life. She stood where life take a step back to describe fiction, the novel won the poetry of the grand vision. This writing method for the ideal and reality, matter and spirit, body and soul, poetry and prose intertwined, creating a kind of a mean world. Woolf in turn applied to a number of factors poetry fiction, the novel becomes a more artistic expression. "Mrs. Dalloway" This novel has many of the images, so that what the original abstract with the concrete form, present and expose the Poetic Beauty of the novel. Woolf and the symbolic use of imagery to express the inner world of people hidden complexity. Woolf to express her complex feelings in mind, not only willing to speak one’s mind has also used the lyric monologue and Emotion to the King and other means, to express the character of the mood changes. Woolf in the novel also draws on some music sense approach, not only borrowed the dominant image of Wagner, also borrows the theory of polyphony. As the novel addition of the music’s performance practices, to "Mrs. Dalloway" woven into a novel three-dimensional structure of the network. In this novel, Woolf not only to novel full of poetic mood, also to poetic mood carries the sense of exploration. The novel is full of poetic philosophical thinking. In "Mrs. Dalloway" in the novel, the hero throughout the novel is full of thinking about life and death, the hero of the text in the journey towards to death step by step and understand that death. They did not escape the negative , but face to the Death positive. They do not want to be the shadow of death, they want to live a meaningful life, because they love life. They can appreciate the tranquility and beauty of life, they are willing to sacrifice to create, because they have faith in love. WriteThe final chapter intraduce the contribution of Woolf’s poetic novel to aesthetics. Woolf ’s poetic novel is a novel form for the innovation and transformation, it will become a more poetic novel shape more satisfactory state to promote the art of the novel, the novel brings a new look. This poetic novel to build a new aesthetic principle of the novel the road to the aesthetic a step forward, but the novel is full of a series of symbol, metaphor, imagination and other factors work to become more subtle hazy charm.

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