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Narrative Strategies of silence: Coetzee

Author YuYang
Tutor YuDongYun
School Shandong Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Coetzee Postcolonialism Silence Narrative strategy Narrative Function
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature, JM Coetzee (John Maxwell Coetzee) was born in Cape Town, South Africa, then to South Africa, the Dutch colonial descendants, has a special cultural identity. As a conscience intellectuals, Coetzee tried to convey the feelings of sincere concern and compassion for all disadvantaged groups with their own pen. In the face of evil chaotic social reality in South Africa and everywhere in the word censorship, Coetzee to explore a unique narrative strategy: different reasons, different ways of \However, this silence and the silence of the past in a postcolonial context, it is not negative and cowardly symbols, but their weapons to fight with reality, the transmission of \The desire and pursuit of a better life. This will combine Coetzee experience, specific works as well as works in \Introduction: Coetzee Research. Overview Coetzee Life and Works in its literary history status, and domestic and international system combing Coetzee Research. Chapter narrative dilemma: the impact of black and white culture. This part introduces Coetzee creation creative encountered difficulties, the reason that Coetzee reason why the creation narrative strategy. Are described in two sections: Section I mainly talk about the reality of the plight of that external factors, that is South Africa's historical background and social reality. Section II of the main analysis of Coetzee's own internal difficulties, the underlying reasons is that Coetzee's own identity experiences and ideological contradiction. Chapter II: silence: Coetzee's narrative strategy. This chapter undertake two describes Coetzee how to break through the dilemma, choose a unique narrative strategy, successful solution Dilemma pincer attack. Section 1 \Section II formally leads to the Coetzee unique narrative strategy - silence. The image text practice silence specific analysis Coetzee silence. Chapter 3: subversion and revolt: silencing the narrative function. This chapter is divided into three main interpretation of \The first section by comparison with the silence of the past postcolonial theory, reveal Coetzee silence is not a synonym of the negative forces, nor is it a representation of cowardice and compromise. Second through specific analysis concluded that silence by silence conveyed the same message, that is, the silence is a unique way of life, is a subversion of authority, oppression weapons, reflecting a the unbeaten the spirit. Section III provides an analysis of the unique features of Coetzee \Conclusion: This paper describes the unique charm of silencing and value. Coetzee is an intelligent writer, through his own narrative strategy, launched a challenge to authority. He means \They're starting another round of deep revelations in this narrative strategy of flexible operation of the complexity of the situation in South Africa, showed a strong tendency of reflection.

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