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Reception and Influence of Charles Dickens in China

Author WeiGuiQiu
Tutor WangHuaXue
School Shandong Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Dickens Chinese literary acceptance influence
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was one of the Euramerican writers that were introduced into China in the earliest times. Since the late Qing Dynasty, when Dickens’ five novels were translated and introduced to China by Lin Shu, the translations of Dickens’ novels have almost never been interrupted. From Tong Shen’s "Dickens and China", we can draw the conclusion that at present nearly all of the Dickens’s works have been translated into Chinese. Among the literature published in the mainland that were written by foreign writers, Dickens was only behind Tolstoy and came to the second place. All of this shows that Dickens has been widely accepted and is influential in China. Basing on Dickens’ wide acceptance and influence in china, this article aims to explore this phenomenon by tracing its origin and combing the historical materials in the thanslation field.The whole passage is divided into three chapters. The first chapter "Charles Dickens’ acceptance in China" states respectively from the translation and publication of Dickens’s works, and the study of Dickens and his works. About the translations of Dickens’works, this article combs the situations of the translation and publication from the late Qing Dynasty until now according to the genre difference of novels,short stories and travel novels.About the study of the writers and their works, this article tries to outline and summarize the characteristics from its three different periods:initial period,the development period and the properity and development period.The second part is about " the impact of Dickens in China ",It respectively described the impact of Dickens to Lin Shu ,Lao She, Zhang Tianyi, Xiao Qian, Shen Congwen, Ba Jin, Qian Zhongshu and others in the creative practice, especially on Lin Shu , Lao Sheand Zhang Tianyi.“Lin Shu and Charles Dickens”explained a major relief in terms of subject content, psychological description, narrative way, structure and layout, the political function of Dickens novels, in terms of tactics trying to learn and practice. On the basis of analyzing the causes to accept Dickens and his impact, "Lao She and Charles Dickens" and "Zhang Tianyi and Charles Dickens" are on further discussion: the transcendence of Dickens.On the basis of the first two chapters, the third chapter attempts to explore the cause about the wide acceptance and influence of Dickens. During the combing of the realism creation theory and evolution of humanitarian thought under one hundred years history of China, we can point out that Dickens’s critical realism and humanitarian make his work will always be able to be related with the Chinese literary theory. Therefore, it can occupy a tiny space in China’s always changing social environment since the end of the Qing until now. In addition, the unique of Dickens’s work on plot, characters, language features, popularization, sense of humor and sadness are also the reasons of his widely acceptance and great impact on the public.

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