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Chinese Martial Arts in Primary and Secondary Education in the 12th Five Years Development Strategy

Author YueLei
Tutor LiChengYin
School Shandong Normal University
Course Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords Primary and secondary schools Martial Arts Education Development the 12th five years
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this paper, literature research method, interviews, law, mathematical statistics and a synthesis of law research methods.China’s martial arts education in primary and secondary schools, to investigate the actual situation.The results showed that: As the excellent traditional sports, the essence of Chinese martial arts, in our primary and secondary schools to carry out the situation is not optimistic. As early as March 30, 2004, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education Office of cloth a "primary and secondary schools carry forward and cultivate the national spirit to carry out the implementation of the Platform" (hereinafter referred to as "outline")."Program" explicitly provides that: "physical education should be appropriate to increase the content of Chinese martial arts." This is not only affirmed the martial arts classes in primary and secondary physical education students have to improve physical and mental health, improve exercise capacity and enhance social adaptability, etc. The role of , but there are other sports, martial arts school can not compare in the training of traditional patriotism and national spirit in a positive role.Since the founding of New China, the State Ministry of Education issued a series of sports curriculum, from China in the course of school physical education curriculum reform point of view, the national traditional martial arts as good sports, more and more being taken seriously, but also in physical education in primary and secondary schools becoming more and more important. Especially in the "Outline" was enacted, in order to better our country’s development at school martial arts schools, pulse and the status quo, give full play to martial arts as a quintessence of Chinese culture in the education and training a new generation of the active role of. In March 2005, the State General Administration of Sport Wushu Research Institute of the formation of a "martial arts on school reform and development studies," Task Force, and in June 2008 published "China’s reform and development in the school of martial arts," a book ( hereinafter referred to as "research"), "study" of the Task Force concentrated three-year investigation of the results for our primary and secondary education, martial status, as well as the problems were detailed, for the development of China’s primary and secondary schools, martial arts, "Shier Wu" development Plan laid the foundation for the development.Development of Wushu of China’s primary and secondary schools in the 12th five years Development Plan is designed to right the status quo of China’s primary and secondary education, mastery of martial arts, martial arts schools, primary and secondary education to find out the problems, the problems were identified, the combination of China’s contemporary the basic national conditions, to explore solutions to the problems of the deposit, worked out the times of the martial arts teaching content and teaching methods, compose material for a new era of martial arts and martial arts theory, and thus to promote school physical education system to fundamentally reform and development, play Wushu in the unique role of quality education. To develop a scientific, rational, and the 12th five years during the primary and secondary education development strategy martial arts, Chinese martial arts to promote the important cause of vigorous forward momentum and direction, we must base the development of primary and secondary schools, the status of martial arts, the spirit of reform and innovation, and give priority to the development of martial arts education purposes, to develop in line with our strategy and primary and secondary school education needs to reflect contemporary martial law and trends in the development of guidelines and strategies for primary and secondary education, health thriving martial arts direction for development .

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