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Validation Study on 2008-2009 National Matriculation English Test Papers of Three Provinces

Author YanJing
Tutor XiaoYunNan
School Hunan University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords The Matriculation English Division papers Reliability Content validity Construct validity Title quality
CLC G633.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Of the entrance is a large-scale, high-stakes testing. Matriculation English Division is an important part of the national college entrance examination, but also China's largest norm-referenced standardized English proficiency test. Beginning in 2004, the following the independent proposition after Beijing, Shanghai, and the provinces are being implemented new high school curriculum reform, and further the implementation of the College Entrance Examination provincial proposition. As of 2007, a total of 18 provinces and cities nationwide independent proposition, college entrance English exam papers reached as many as 19 copies, 2 copies of the national volume and 17 sub-provincial the propositions volume (Hainan, Ningxia set of papers). Quality and provincial papers in the provincial proposition annual exam consistency has been widespread concern in society, has also become a key research object, from all walks of life, especially in the education sector. But nothing more than for the study of the validity of the college entrance examination in English content validity, topic analysis, qualitative analysis, and occasional quantitative research appears, such as item difficulty and discrimination. The Examination Yuan to take into account the special nature of the college entrance examination, candidates data has been saved as confidential, and rarely announced related college entrance examination of the data analysis, resulting in a tremendous lack of validity of college entrance exam. This study is based on the 2008 National Social Science subjects \6 papers in 2009, and collected detailed data of the candidates to participate in the three provinces and two years of college entrance exam answer, combined with the qualitative and quantitative analysis method, the vertical and horizontal comparative analysis of the data. The following conclusions: 1. Papers reliability, internal consistency using Cronbach coefficient analysis, three provinces and two years of examination papers had good internal consistency, reliability is relatively high. Papers configuration VALIDITY aspects to take the two methods of analysis and factor analysis to examine the papers in various parts of the subject, and only one of the major factors can explain most of the variance of papers. \Content validity, 6 papers \4. Topic quality, respectively 6 test items, the difficulty and discrimination analysis found that the difficulty is not stable in addition to the high level of provinces, other provinces papers two years, there has been too difficult year, a years too easy. Some of the topics too difficult and too easy to cause questions of discrimination is not ideal. This paper analyzed the problem of multiple-choice, summed up the main reason for the topic and not ideal. This study hopes to make up for the deficiencies in the areas of the Matriculation English Division validity, and the the the future entrance examination the English Division proposition work to revelation. However, given that this study relates only to the three provinces and two years of data, the study concluded inevitably inaccurate. In a sense, in order to ensure that the scientific and consistency of the college entrance examination in English, in the future remains to be done a lot of research work, in order to improve the level of college entrance examination, and promote the development of China's basic English teaching.

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