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Harmonious interpersonal construction of migrant workers

Author GuoPengFei
Tutor HuKai
School Central South University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords migrant workers interpersonal relationships harmony building Ideological and Political Education
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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There is important practical significance to research interpersonal relationship between urban migrant workers and citizens from the aspect of Ideological and Political Education. Central leaders attach great importance to the Urban-rural integration, repeatedly stress both Urban and Rural Development and properly dealing with the relationship between workers and peasants. Whether urban migrant workers can join in the interpersonal relationship in cities relates to the process of civilization and has an effect on building of the harmonious society. The purpose of this research is to remove the conceptual and behavioral disturbances and to ensure central governments’decrees.The interpersonal interaction of urban migrant workers shows some discordant phenomena. Rural urbanization is accelerating in China. Being migrant workers is an important way for peasants into urban society. In this historical tide there are some discordant notes. Not only do they harm the interests of migrant workers, but also they have a bad effect on the great strategic plan on rural work of Central Government. Problems are mainly as follows, at the political level, social classes conflict intensely; at the economic level, there is a striking gap between the rich and the poor, at the legal level, relationships on rights are out of balance, at the cultural level, gulves of the cultural values are profound. These four problems each is further disclosed from "four bodies", i.e. subject, object, copula, enviroment from the perspective of Ideological and Political Education.Revealing resistances of migrant workers’building a harmonious relationship is one highlight that reflectes thesis’profound meaning. Resistances of these problems include political constraints, economic constraints, legal constraints, cultural constraints. Furthermore, In-depth analysis from "four bodies" from the perspective of Ideological and Political Education are badly needed in every resistance. Causes of these problems include migrant workers are lack of political quality and realise, public officers are lack of governing philosophy, coordinators are almostly lack of organizational capabilities, participants are lack of political sympathy; the interests of migrant workers are deprived, rights protection of city people is amplified, the negative impacts of the old system are diffused, the charities of rescuers are restricted; the capacity of the migrant workers’protecting themselves rights according to the law is low, judicial officers have a monopoly of power and their work style is bad, legal persons do not follow laws justly and chime with the superior opponents, the means in which people holding aspirations express their demands are lack; scientific and cultural quality of migrant workers is low, city dwellers have stronger cultural superiority and seize too much, people who engage in culture disdain peasants and have a little compassion for them, the cultural gaps between social men who are lack of communication are very deep.Based on both empirical investigation and analysis and the theories of interpersonal relationship building, the targets and contents、principles and measures that are used to guide migrant workers to harmonious interpersonal relationships are raised. The targets and contents of building good interpersonal relationship are just as follows, migrant workers and other peoples’efforts to build political relations that are characterized by classes solidarity, to build economic relations that are characterized by benefit-sharing, to build legal relations that are characterized by equality, to build cultural relations that are characterized by integration between urban and rural areas. It should follow four principles. Firstly, flexible persuasion cooperates with rigid regulation. Secondly, spiritual incentives integrate with material incentives. Thirdly, micro-mediation coordinates with macro-etiquette. Fourthly, explicit guidance and hidden nurture support each other. Measures are mainly that, politically, raising political awareness of urban migrant workers, improving public officers’work style, improving interest expression mechanism, creating a democratic political climate of tolerance for all people. Economically, safeguarding urban migrant workers’economic interests, guiding superior opponents to share profits appropriatly, eliminating the negative impact of the old system of double standards, valuing the supervisory role of public opinion and public media. Legally, improving urban migrant workers rights-protectioned awareness and ability, guiding judicial officers to establish tolerance philosophy of legal enforcement, cultivating legal aid organizations which have the commission of upholding urban migrant workers, perfecting the mechanisms of expression and oversight of citizens and media. Cultrually, improving the quality and cultivation of migrant workers, respecting the status and identity of new citizens, enhancing emotional counsel and recognition, creating environments and conditions to the large integration.This article innovates both contents and forms by new ideas and ways of thinking. In content, put forward the proposition of "workers and peasants share achievements of both urban construction and Reform and Opening up"; in form, bring forward realistic version of the mode of interpersonal relationship between migrant workers and citizens, which is making friends or "twinning". Its logical thinking is raising problems, analyzing problems and solving problems. In analyzing problems, adhere to combining empirical analysis with theoretical analysis; in solving problems, not only goals to solve problems, but also putting forward initiatives to solve problems.

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