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The Study on Gong Yuan’s Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi

Author FanLiQin
Tutor ZhangShanWen
School Fujian Normal University
Course Chinese classical literature
Keywords Gong Yuan Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi the interpretation methods of Zhouyi Chenggua the features of the thought
CLC B244
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Gong Yuan is an important master of Wang Anshi’s new theory in North Song dynasty. And he is one of the famous scholars of Zhouyi in the mid-late of North Song Dynasty. His main thoughts about Zhouyi always follow Wang Bi’s and Wang Anshi’s. That is to say, he put his points at the book’s philosophy. And his masterpiece is the book named Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi.This paper takes Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi as the object of the study, on the basis of researching on Gong Yuan’s official experiences, writings, the process and the time of writing Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi and the spreading and the versions of Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi, and from the interpretation methods and the features of thought of Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi this two aspects, we carries on an preliminary investigation into Gong Yuan’s Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi. We concluded that the writing time of Gong Yuan’s Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi began in the first year of Yuanyou reign and ended in the first year of Shaosheng reign of the Song dynasty (1086-1094). Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi was lost at the end of the Yuan or early Ming dynasty in China once. Fortunately, the Song version of the book of Gong Yuan’s Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi spread in Japan. So the Song version of the book could be preserved and the copy edition could be taken to home in Jiaqing reign in mid-Qing dynasty. And the best extant edition is the late Song dynasty version, namely the description of Japan Senzhi. In addition, we think that Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi’s main feature of the interpretation methods is interpreting Zhouyi through "Chenggua" doctrine. At the same time, Zhouyi Xin Jiangyi’s main features of thoughts are two aspects. One is that Gong Yuan systematically expounded the natural and social law from the angle of view of Zhouyi firstly, namely ingenious, change, destiny and rule. Another is that his study on Zhouyi is characterized by Laozi’s and Zhuangzi’s thoughts.

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