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Research on the Key Technologies of Mobility Management in Heterogeneous Networks

Author LiuFang
Tutor WangYing
School Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Heterogeneous network Mobility management mechanism Mobility Management Algorithm Satellite beam switching
CLC TN929.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Collaboration converged all-IP-based heterogeneous networks is one of the main trend of the development of future mobile communication systems, and in the integration process, an important issue facing mobility management in heterogeneous networks. The rapid development of heterogeneous network mobility management technology challenges and needs, at the same time, a variety of new technologies, new business, new scenes are emerging require existing mobility management technology continues to enhance the adaptability scalability, accuracy and versatility. How to integrate different wireless access technologies, to meet the diverse needs of the user service and quality assurance of seamless mobile communication access technology and business, has become one of the most pressing issues in the development of mobile communications technology. In this thesis focuses on mobility management in heterogeneous wireless network key technologies, including: integration of heterogeneous network mobility management mechanism, heterogeneous network mobility management algorithms, as well as satellite and ground heterogeneous network under satellite mobile communication system in the beam Handoff. This article explores the heterogeneous network mobility management mechanism, multi-connected mobility management issues in the communication of this new scene, and is based on the IEEE 802.21 media independent switching standard introduces new functional entity and message primitives proposed universality and versatility of multi-connected mobility management mechanisms, respectively, in a multi-connect switch trigger, multi-connection handover decision, multi-connection the switch perform three process research connected switching characteristics and coping strategies, and ultimately for heterogeneous networks, multi-connection communication set of effective mobility management mechanisms. Mobility management algorithm, this paper proposes a new mobility management algorithm for multi-connection network selection and management of multiservice switching priority candidate collection of networks based on the existing network connection to determine the candidate network using multi-attribute decision-making method sorting and business connections matching calculation for each business to choose the most suitable network connection, to solve the multi-service transmission needs with multi-connection of the transmission capacity between the matching problem. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm compared to the traditional method can provide better quality of service guarantee and improve the efficient use of network resources. Integrated satellite and ground-based heterogeneous network background, the paper focuses on the beam switching GEO satellite mobile communication system, and based on the switching characteristics of the GEO satellite mobile communications and emergency communications, and a complete set of beam switching and channel allocation mechanism, including the switch trigger criteria, handover decision and adaptive channel allocation mechanism to switch performs the signaling and control and other related issues, and build MATLAB simulation platform for system modeling and simulation. The simulation results show that the mentioned beam switching and channel allocation mechanism can effectively avoid unnecessary switching, emergency communications will help protect and optimize the use of resources, for emergency rescue and disaster relief communications. Finally, the full text of the summary, and pointed out the direction of future research.

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