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Research and Implementation of the Networks Selection Mechanism in Converged Communication Service Platform

Author ZhangShu
Tutor SongMeiNa
School Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Modern service industry Mobility Management Personal mobility Network capacity adaptation MADM Collaborative network / terminal
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Vigorously develop modern service industry today, heterogeneous network convergence has become an inevitable trend. The coexistence of multiple access methods and forms of coexistence of the terminal, as well as user inter-terminal switch seamlessly to the modern service industry applications, these scenes have been not only the vision of the future. To design a practical heterogeneous network solutions it is urgent and necessary. Modern service industry common basic technology research topics is the \certain common needs of industry characteristics, research converged communications platform supports intelligent switch based on the common needs of the modern service industry and its key technologies. In order to study the inter-terminal cross-network intelligent switching, mobility management technology is essential. Selection strategy through the network, to develop switching criteria, to ensure business continuity during the move, and the terminal can switch. Papers of existing mobility management mechanism and network selection mechanism to conduct a comprehensive, in-depth analysis and explore the special needs of the modern service industry as well as the dependence on network or terminal thorough extraction and abstraction, and communication network the adaptation layer system, and the functional design of converged communication platform, to enable them to better meet the needs of a new network terminal function selection mechanism. Papers heterogeneous network terminal selection mechanism designed for the user terminal associated with registration module, network / terminal collaborative selection module, user perception module, as well as network / terminal intelligent switching module of four parts. Design a user-centric personal mobility management mechanism, associated with multiple terminal users and their owners, to the user as an endpoint for communication and service objects; design and realization of user perception by setting user preferences and no preferences are two cases to meet the needs of different users, and have the function of the machine learning user preferences stored in the memory; designed network / terminal cooperative selection function, to provide users with the right to select the high-performance terminal, and synergistic consider network with the the terminal ability to match, to adapt to the business needs of the modern service industry applications. Paper presents the improved network / terminal cooperative selection algorithm, the introduction of user perception, increase user preferences, also introduce the entropy method to determine the index weight, from the pros and cons of subjective and objective analysis of both the network; algorithm for network / terminal cooperative selection mechanism proposed new terminal selection algorithm to select the optimal terminal by setting the terminal database. And proved by simulation the advanced and superiority of the algorithm. The paper presents the adaptation layer system and the heterogeneous network / terminal cooperative selection mechanism for an effective solution to the issue of reunification of the heterogeneous network and multi-terminal, multi-access for the modern service industry, multi-terminal network-dependent higher provides a complete solution to the problem programs.

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