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On Wang Anyi Everlasting Regret Shanghai literary features

Author LiXiaoLi
Tutor ChenHui
School Yunnan Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords city space daily legend gender configuration renewal
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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As a prolific and varied writer in modern Chinese literature world,Wang Anyi’s novels gain much attentions from critics. She breaks through herself unceasingly in her creation.Her creation nearly develops with the new period literature.Since 1990s, she has created several metropolis novels.Among theses novels.the novel The Song of Eternal Sorrow published in 1995,which caused the very big echo in the literary area.The commentary thought this novel presses up to Zhang Ailing,the female writer of Shanghai school in 1940s.Wang Dewei,a famous scholar,who thinks she is the Successor of Shanghai school and created something new to Zhang Ailing’s type.Although Wang’s opinion isn’t correct in all, also with emphasis only in Wang Anyi and Zhang Ailing’s similar.And then,he has not detailed Wang Anyi’s inheritance and the innovation about modern Shanghai school. Therefore, this article attempts to prove The Song of Eternal Sorrow has the characteristic of modern Chinese Shanghai school literature through the analysis of the novel, and the comparison of The Song of Eternal Sorrow and modern Chinese Shanghai school.Through my elaboration,I want to discover that Wang Anyi not only succeeds from modern Chinese Shanghai school literature ,but also has the innovation.And then,I attempt to explain the reason why Wang Anyi is the only one called the Successor of Shanghai school in the lot of writers with Shanghai-writing,also prove the value and the significance of Wang’s inheritance and innovation. The article divides into the following several parts:Introduction: Sketching traditional Chinese literature and the image of Shanghai in the modern Shanghai school literature in 1940s .Introducing the background of the Shanghai-writing in 1990s .Cleaning up the presence related to the study on the topic. To introduce the key point of the thesis.ChapterⅠ:To elaborate modern Chiese Shanghai school literature and Wang Anyi’s novels. First to clean up the process of modern Chinese Shanghai school,Then explaining the characteristic of modem Chinese Shanghai school literature.The last, discussing the conection between Wang Anyi and modern Chinese Shanghai school from Wang Anyi’s creation, the commentary on The Song of Eternal Sorrow,and Wang Anyi’s attitude to the commentary.ChapterⅡ: Discussing modern Chinese Shanghai school literary characteristic of Wang Anyi’s The Song of Eternal Sorrow from the construction of the city space, daily life and legend,gender configuration. In the elaboration process,make the novel to compare with modern Shanghai school writer Mu Shiying and Zhang Ailing ,and discover the relation and the difference between them, to show Wang Anyi ’s The Song of Eternal Sorrow not only inherits from the modern Shanghai school,but also has the innovation, as well as the significance of the inheritance and innovation.ChapterⅢ:Inheritance and renewal.(To replace the conclusion)In the anxiety of effect,Wang Anyi’s The Song of Eternal Sorrow shows the characteristic of modern Chinese Shanghai school literature because Wang Anyi drew lessons from Shanghai school.And on the other part,she created something new in her novel for getting rid of the influence which the senior created. Most importantly, she rebelled againt the senior Shanghai school writers in the creative spirit and the object aspect. She has the serious history feeling in her creation.And she apprehends the essence of Shanghai, the modernized advancing city with the observation and rational attitude.It is the reason that she is different from the senior Shanghai school writers, also makes her attract attention and be called the Successor of Shanghai school.Wether her renewal superior or inferior, she has opened up another direction that modern Chinese Shanghai school literature develops all the time, stepped off a new road of Shanghai school literature having her individual characteristic.

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