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Studies on Marx’s Thought of Harmonious Society

Author HuDan
Tutor WangJianGuang
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Marx Harmonious Society Proletarian Revolution Freed and Comprehensive Development Social Progress Communism
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Marxist philosophy of produce is great change in the history of philosophy, opens the liberation of the proletariat and all mankind. Marx’s thought of harmonious society is the core of the Marxist philosophy connotation, he was early in the economic and philosophical manuscripts in 1844 has put forward communist social’s point of view, this is his early on harmonious society thought. Then, this thought to be perfected gradually, mature gradually. On the basis of dialectical negation Feuerbach and Hegel, and others’ theories, Marx continually summed up experience and lessons of the revolutionary practice of proletarian, and as a result he created the theoretical basis of harmonious society. Marx believed that proletarian revolution’s ultimate objective is to realize communism. The communist society is the most harmonious society of the human being, and this society can be achieved only through the revolutionary struggle of the proletarians. Under the guidance of Marx’s scientific theory, the proletarian’s revolutionary struggles will overthrow the old society of capital exploitation, eliminate the alienated labor which makes people develop in a lopsided way, emancipate the human being and make them develop in a free and all-round way, so as to bring about a harmonious development to the society and achieve communism. As a social construction ideal, Marx’s thought of harmonious society encourage the proletariat to realize harmonious society through revolutionary struggle.To emancipate the people in the whole world is the historical mission of proletarian revolutions. To emancipate the people in the whole world means that the state apparatus and private ownership will be eradicated, social productive forces will be highly developed, each and every one is emancipated, and labor will be life’s prime want of the people instead of a heavy incubus, and the people can develop in a free and all-round way. Marx believed that communist society is a more advanced society based on the principle of free and overall development of everybody, the free development of everybody is the condition for the free development of all the people, and the communism can be called a communism only when it is a harmonious society where the development of human being is fully realized. Marx’s theory of human being’s free and overall development not only represents the advanced development stage of human being, but also represents the advanced development stage of human society, and it is a value goal that bases on reality but transcends reality. The history of the free and overall development of human being got off the mark simultaneously with the development of human society, and it is a long historical course. Therefore, examination on the development course of human being has a use for reference for the development of human being society, and the research on Marx’s development theory is very important for our harmonious society construction in reality.The free and overall development of human being is the goal, outcome and end-result of Marx’s theory of social progress, and the society can realize overall progress only when the human being realizes the free and overall development. The free and overall development of human being and overall progress of the society are mutually united. The ultimate aim of social progress is to promote the free and overall development of human being, and the free and overall development of human being will in turn promote the overall progress of society. The harmonious development of a society can not be separated from civilization advancement which is a kind of harmonious state, so in another word harmonious development itself is a kind of civilization advancement. Society gradually realizes civilization advancement in the harmonious development, and in turn in the civilization advancement it will become more harmonious. The construction of a harmonious society means the development of the civilization advancement of a society, and the civilization advancement of a society means the harmonious development of human being.At the present stage, if we want to achieve the state’s prosperity and nation’s rejuvenation, we must build a socialist harmonious society. Our country in the initial stage of socialism at present, this is just one of the communist societies the early primary. According to Marx’s theory of social development, social development will progress and experience a course from the primary stage to a advanced one, communism society is the highest construction idea of Marx’s thought of harmonious society, and it will also experience such a course from a disharmonious society to a relative harmonious one. In the same time, as the contradictories will exist forever and everywhere, even in the communist society there will be no absolute harmony, but the communist society will always march forward to the more harmonious society, and it is the perfect harmonious society of human being worth believing for all the people in the whole world.

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