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The Research of Deng Xiaoping’s Contribution to Sinicization of Marxism

Author ZhouJianYuan
Tutor GongJianHua
School Guangdong Ocean University
Course Marxism in China
Keywords Deng xiaoping Sinicization of Marxism Contributions
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Deng xiaoping is a great Marxist and proletarian revolutionist, he made tremendous contributions in the process of the sinicization of Marxism. As the core of the second generation collective leadership in the chinese communist party, he made the second jump in the theory of the sinicization of Marxism and founded the Deng xiaoping’s theory. As the important theory achievement of the sinicization of Marxism, Deng xiaoping’s theory played a historical role in the whole process of the sinicization of Marxism. Deng xiaoping’s theory, the first time, systematically responded to how to build socialism, how to consolidate and develop socialism as well as a series of basic questions in economically and culturally backward country; With the new ideas and viewpoints, it inherited and developed Marxism and was a new stage of development of Marxism in China. In practice, according to the Marxism, the basic idea of the Mao zedong thoughts and China’s national conditions, it promoted and guided the whole party to bring order out of chaos, achieved new great changes in china and make our country back into socialist construction. As China’s reform and open policy and modernization’s chief designer, Deng xiaoping in line with“emancipates the mind, seeking truth from facts”ideological line, led our country onto the“building the socialism with Chinese characteristics”development road. Deng xiaoping has made the brilliant contribution to the sinicization of Marxism in politics, economy, culture, society, diplomacy, military and so on, led the Chinese people to achieve the great achievements which attracted worldwide attention. Researchs on Deng xiaoping’s contribution to the sinicization of Marxism are not only positive to implement the scientific concept of development, but slao has the great practical significance in promoting the construction of a harmonious society.This paper mainly contains five parts. The first part is an introduction, mainly includes the significance of the research, the domestic and foreign related research summary as well as the research necessity. The second part is to concretely describe Deng xiaoping’s contribution to the sinicization of Marxism, includes the discussion that Deng xiaoping is the heir and innovators of sinicization of Marxism, exploring Deng xiaoping’s contribution to sinicization of Marxism from the economic, political and administrative dimensions, as well as his contribution to the sinicization of Marxism in other aspects. The third part is to summary the successful experience of the sinicization of Marxism which made by Deng xiaoping, including“must be firm with marxist beliefs and scientific marxist view”,“must insist that the Marxism basic principle and the Chinese national condition unify”,“must emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, proceed from reality.”as well as“must insist take people’s fundamental interests as the essential starting point”and so on. The fourth part is the reality enlightenment of the sinicization of Marxism which explored by Deng xiaoping. we should take the Deng xiaoping’s Theory and the scientific development concept as the instruction and carry on the reality discussion such as discuss the wealth gap, three agricultural questions, social security, democracy, social belief and so on. The fifth part is the conclusion, including the Overview summary of Deng xiaoping’s contribution to the sinicization of Marxism.

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