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Chang'an 's hotel industry research

Author MoSuJuan
Tutor WangShuangHuai
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Chang'an Hotel industry Floating population Chang'an culture
CLC F719
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Hotel industry is a long history of service industries in the commercial history of the development, the hotel industry development to varying degrees. To the Tang Dynasty, the hotel industry into a period of prosperity, from the hotel consumers, operators, business concept, management mode and the resulting characteristics of the times derived from the inn culture, reflects the characteristics of the Tang Dynasty. And as the political, economic and cultural center of Chang'an hotel development is thriving city. Chang's economy, transportation, tourism and migrants to the development of a hotel Chang'an social basis, to encourage more businessmen to join this industry hotel industry. Chang'an inn operator of the inn's business philosophy, management, service features to improve, showing the development of characteristic B Chang, demonstrating Chang'an inn culture. Chang also due to the development of hotel industry Tang social, political, economic and other factors that are subject to different degrees of impact, showing its ups and downs. In this paper, the results of previous studies on the basis of further data collection, research Changan hotel development vicissitudes Inns structure type and operating management. This paper is divided into five parts: Part I: Introduction. Recalling Chang'an hotel industry, academia on issues related to research, then explain the significance of the topic of this article. Predecessors of the Tang Dynasty hotel industry research a lot, but mostly of general history, a city hotel industry on a case study no. In this paper, Chang'an started this city hotel industry, hotel industry to demonstrate its entirety. Part II: Chang'an rise hotel industry. First, Changan hotel industry as well as learn from the previous generation inherits hotel industry trends to further develop; secondly, Chang'an economy, transportation, tourism hotel industry for the development of Changan played a very important role; Again, Chang'an mobile population Chang Inn constitute a powerful consumer groups, to further promote the prosperity of Chang'an hotel industry. Part III: Chang'an hotel industry, the basic structure. Part of this is the focus of this article. First, I will set out in the statistical literature Chang'an inn, Chang'an Inns in tabular form showing the location where the Crescent City come out; Second, it analyzes the distribution characteristics of Chang'an Inns and why; thus describes the type of Chang'an Inns, highlighting Changan hotel industry prosperity, to deepen understanding of Changan hotel industry. Part IV: Chang'an hotel industry management and business operations. Changan hotel management and business model, on the later development of hotel industry has a certain significance. Hotel industry in the Tang Dynasty Chang'an nearly three hundred years of history, has experienced vicissitudes of the historical process. Through this part of the study, and then on Changan hotel industry have a more comprehensive understanding. Part V: Chang'an Chang'an hotel industry and the spread of culture. Changan hotel industry to absorb the population around, these people came to Chang'an, Chang'an Inns from starting a series of cultural activities, thus contributing to the spread of culture Chang'an. This article focuses on exploring the contents of the following points: First, the center of Chang'an foreign population formed a strong attraction, starting this paper will explore the floating population to rise Changan hotel industry, rise and fall as well as distribution of the inn impact. Second, to explore the distribution of Chang'an hotel industry, the distribution of the inn from Chang'an Chang'an Inns with Changan reflect the economic, political and cultural relations. Third, explore Changan hotel type. This article will be divided into government-run Chang Inn hotels, private hotels, monasteries Inns, show the whole picture of Chang'an Inn. Fourth, explore Changan hotel management model and philosophy, and thus more in-depth analysis of Chang Inn. Chang'an hotel industry through research, you can pivot the boom and then the hotel industry, management situation, which on the later development of the hotel industry and business has a certain significance. Meanwhile, Changan hotel industry has its own development characteristics, Changan hotel industry through research, we not only understand the ancient Chinese hotel industry model, learned more about Chang's political, economic and cultural characteristics. Research Chang'an's hotel industry is not only academic significance, but also has practical significance.

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