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The Analysis of Parent-child Relationship Impacting on Youth Internet Addiction and Design of Play Therapy Strategy

Author QianLi
Tutor ZhangSuJing
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Educational Technology
Keywords Parent-child relationship Youth Internet Addiction Relevance Impact factors Play Therapy Strategy design
CLC D669.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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According to<China Youth Internet Addiction Survey> and<China Internet Development Statistics Report>, they show that percentage of the nation’s youngsters who are addicted to internet is continuing to increase. Throughout addiction intervention and treatment status, we found that the result of addiction treatment is not optimistic, even that lawbreakers fool parents out of their money by a cover of addiction treatment. Under such a severe situation, there is not an effective addiction treatment method yet. The basic reason is that the research on initiation mechanism of youth internet addiction is not deep enough. Based on the pertinent literature home and abroad, it showed that a lot of scholars proposed the cause of youngsters internet addiction consists of individual factor, family factor, school factor and social factor, where the family factor is considered as a main important factor.For background such as noted above, parent-child relationship is selected as the key strongpoint in the study, and give the test on the correlation with youth internet addiction in order to analyze deep on the formation mechanism of youth internet addiction, which is taken on a basis of feasible strategy and strategy design on treating the Youth Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) sufferers.This study did an empirical research on the relevance of parent-child relationship and youth internet addiction. Through analyzing the data from the investigation, some conclusions were obtained. On the one hand, there is a correlation between the parent-child relationship and youth internet addiction; on the other hand, the bad degree of parent-child relationship and youth internet addiction is positively correlation, that is, the less good quality of parent-child relationship will cause youth more serious tend to internet Addiction, and vice versa.After the correlation to determine, through narrative research, the author further searches for the impact factors between parent-child relationship and the youth internet addiction, and makes a deep analysis on intrinsic factors of the parent-child relationship affecting youth internet addiction, finally explores and draws the happening mechanism of youth internet addiction under bad parent-child relationship.For conclusion that from survey, we believe that it is relevant among the parent-child relationship and youth internet addiction, so we can treat the Youth IAD sufferers by improving their parent-child relationship. Based on the analysis of filial play therapy abroad and enlightenment from educational game, we propose the strategy of treating the Youth IAD sufferers which based on the filial play therapy--parent-child educational game for treating the Youth IAD sufferers. At this therapy, when we design game units and the task of each unit, we should obey the principle of filial play theray and refer to the intrinsic factors of parent-child relationship affecting youth internet addiction. The role of therapist replaced by trained parents is the feature of filial play theray. The parent-child educational games that we designed for treating the Youth IAD sufferers is interactive game between parents and children. Apparently, parents are the game playmates of children, but actually the therapists to guide their children from internet addiction.Finally, the principles of designing the parent-child educational game for treating the Youth IAD sufferers and the preliminary design of key elements have been accomplished. But limited by time, the specific games module including setting, character, plot, dialogue, etc will be designed and developed relying on the subject of <The Strategy Study on the Prevention and Treatment of Children Internet Addiction by Improving Parent-child Relationship>.

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