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Rebellion of an and Shi and Poetic Style Evolution from Kaiyuan to Tianbao

Author DuanYing
Tutor QianZhiXi
School Beijing University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Rebellion of An and Shi poem atmosphere transformation the layering of the poetic circles the formism of poems
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Rebellion of An and Shi was an important event in Tang Dynasty. It was not only a transition of Tang’s history and politics, but also leading to the change of literators’mind and literature atmosphere, which reflected in several aspects below:First, the Rebellion advanced the layering of the poetic circles, and accelerated the process of "literators’poetism" in poetry develop history. The Rebellion forced the pattern of the poetic circles to change. On one side, the Rebellion leaded the literators to move to another place, on the other side, it also leaded to the collapse of Chang’an atmosphere and the rebuilding of post-Chang’an atmosphere. The poets tended to be formism in poetics, and tried to expand their aesthetic grade on the basic of accordance of this form. The formism made the poetic circles have the mechanism of transferring and learning. In this situation, the layering of the poetic circles occurred, and then pushed the trend of "literators’ poetism" forward, making the poetic circles to be mature. In this sense, the Rebellion motivated the poetic circles’ step from close to opening.Second, the Rebellion made the poem writing refollow the Jiangzuo literature tradition, and return to the path of formism. The Rebellion discontinued the process of anti-foemism in Kaiyuan to Tianbao, leading the poems to refollow the Jiangzuo literature tradition, evoluting to the direction of formism: on aesthetic trait, the poets followed the atmosphere of gorgeous advocating, absorbing the fresh and fluent style in Kaiyuan to Tianbao, and build to the gorgeous of delicate and pretty. On the artistry, they kept on searching in the beauty of poetry form, especially on Qilv. On the theme and substance, they returned to the attention on daily life status. Object description again became to be focused by the poets, and they also attached importance to the image abstraction, making effort to fulfill harmony of the whole artistic conception. The emotion expression was more delicate, transforming from exciting in Kaiyuan to Tianbao to obscurity and melancholy.Third, the Rebellion transformed literators’ condition, thoughts and emotion, thus laid the foundation for Middle Tang’s poem development. After the Rebellion, the way of poets’ association changed. Those literators were more rational and mature, and also convinced on dimension in their social life, advocated flexible way of association, in order to make favorable relationship with their colleagues. They also wished that their poem contact might reflect as a moderate and decent expression. Qilv seems calmer in mood. It has a constant form, strict art of composition, working as a moderate poem style to fit require of reciprocating poem writing. Therefore it was accepted by the poets and carried forward. Besides, poets showed their consideration on daily object principles and ways of the world, and reflected popularization in the introduction of daily object principles, which in this sense indicated the beginning of Middle Tang atmosphere.

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