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Ideological Education and the Core Competitiveness of Private Enterprises

Author LuLin
Tutor ShengBangYue
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Ideological education private enterprises core competitiveness
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China’s reform and opening up, private enterprises have achieved rapid economic development, with the scientific and technological development, the concept of innovation increasingly to international standards, how to effectively improve our core competitiveness of private enterprises so that enterprises in the fierce market competition ideological education in the private enterprise all the more important, however, the ideological education of the status of private enterprises are not optimistic. Because of ideological education in the long-term business performance of enterprises have an important role in promoting, academics have begun to corporate culture and improve their core competitiveness of combined research, ideological education as the enterprise core competitiveness of enterprises to obtain one of the sources. Ideological Education business in foreign countries mainly in the field of corporate culture, the 20th century, the period of 80 years, the rise of Western culture wave of the late 80s, China has gradually begun to attach importance of ideological education. Mainly due to a number of private enterprises in China in recent years showing a short-lived phenomena, such as giant, three and so on. Short-term vitality of these enterprises are important because there is no breed of corporate culture with its own characteristics, but also some attention to the ideological education of the private enterprise business success will be the company’s core values, corporate spirit handed down from generation to generation, which full description of who owns the advantages of corporate culture, will have a competitive advantage, efficiency advantages and advantages, Chinese private enterprises should improve their core competitiveness, to the fierce competition in the market in an invincible position, private enterprise how to make bigger strong, and how to avoid short-lived private enterprises, is placed in front of a major theoretical issue researchers. Therefore, this ideological education and private enterprise to improve the relationship between core competence research as an entry point for private enterprises in the process of ideological education problems, the use of enterprise core competitiveness of ideological education and the relevant theoretical model proposed by the ideological education of private enterprises countermeasures and suggestions.In this paper, literature research, case analysis, theoretical research, empirical research methods, ideological education and improve the enterprise core competitiveness of enterprises in a more in-depth discussion, this paper first ideological education and enterprise core competence theory of the separate discussed, highlighting the core of ideological education and the relationship between competitiveness, followed by some excellent domestic and international success of ideological education, the analysis of specific cases, private enterprises in China learn to play the role of ideological education, and finally to flight Best Group as a case of ideological education, in-depth analysis to identify the ideological education of the highlights and shortcomings to Seeing, analysis of the ideological education of private enterprises common problems and propose specific recommendations to demonstrate of ideological education in order to improve their core competitiveness of importance.This paper is to improve the ideological education enterprise core competitiveness of the source, which determines the direction and magnitude of the development of enterprises, enterprise development to provide spiritual motivation and intellectual support, attention to the ideological education and the development of enterprise core competitiveness of enterprises is to improve the basic method.This paper argues that private enterprises to establish a good corporate culture, private enterprises must be consistent with their own development process, from their own reality, the depth of digging their own traditional culture, and also need to learn from successful enterprises at home and abroad to improve the use of ideological education the core competitiveness of enterprise experience in their own reality, based on the courage to forge ahead with innovation, flexibility, create a rich characteristics of the enterprise culture and promote the core competitiveness of private enterprises increased rapidly.

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