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Study on the Technology of Electrical Discharge Machining Al-SiC_p Composites

Author QiLiJun
Tutor MaBaoJi
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Aluminum matrix composites EDM Crafts Processing efficiency Surface roughness
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Aluminum matrix composites based on aluminum alloy as the metal substrate was added enhanced phase , after a series of treatment processes , casting out of special materials . Aluminum matrix composites performance depends on the phase matrix alloy and enhanced features, content, distribution and so on . Compared with the matrix alloy , aluminum matrix composites have good physical and chemical properties, as a new material has a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace and other areas . Study of aluminum matrix composites processing technology, to explore the mechanism of processing , has great significance for the promotion of the application of this material . This thesis WEDM processing the main electrical parameters of pulse width , pulse peak current and servo voltage reinforcing phase SiC particles content of 5% and 10% of two aluminum matrix composites processing efficiency and surface roughness investigated. EDM copper and graphite as electrode experiments to study the influence of different electrode aluminum matrix composite material removal rate , and the EDM electrical parameters were optimized . Observed by the SEM method WEDM processing the sample surface morphology, structure , and the energy spectrum analysis , preliminary study of the electrical discharge machining aluminum matrix composites removal mechanism . The study results showed that : wire cutting experiments , reduce processing efficiency increases with the increase in pulse width is increased to a peak , decreased with the pulse and servo voltage increases , and increases with increasing peak current ; surface roughness with the pulse width and the peak current increases with the pulse and servo voltage increases and decreases ; different electrical parameters of the optimal combination of processing of different SiC particle content . The EDM experimental results show that the graphite electrode machining , the pulse width of 17μs pulse of 55μs - 95μs peak current of 50A , servo voltage of 75V , high material removal rate , the optimal processing parameters ; copper electrode machining , pulse width of 19μs-21μs, clock is 65ms at a peak current to 65A , servo voltage of 75V , the maximum material removal rate , the optimal parameters .

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