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The large tension stretching machine stretching process analysis and broken with protection

Author JiHongTao
Tutor LiYongTang;SongJianLi
School Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Aluminum Alloy Plate Pre-stretch Residual stress Stretching machine Finite Element
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Aluminum Alloy Plate in today's world of aviation, aerospace, large-scale manufacturing equipment development an important and indispensable material. The aluminum alloy thick plate after quenching the internal residual stress, there are a large number of mechanical properties along the thickness direction of the uneven distribution, resulting in larger size effect appears in the subsequent machining. Pre-stretching process is to eliminate the residual stress of quenched a simple and effective method. The pre-stretching process to the aluminum alloy plate after quenching, micro pre-stretched (1% to 3% of the amount of deformation) in the stretching machine, so that the residual stress in the thickness direction of the plate internal offset part, or even all of offset. The stretching process, if the sheet that exist within the stress concentration or micro-cracks and other defects, when the plate by the force exceeds the allowable stress, plates may rupture. Plate fracture, jaw assembly will be a larger impact, so off with protective equipment, has an important significance for the protection of the safe operation of the equipment. Firstly, the use of elastic-plastic finite element software DEFORM pre-stretching process analysis of thick aluminum alloy plate aluminum alloy pre-stretching of the stress and strain distribution maps and curves prestrained 1% -3% range, stretching process, the residual stress of the stress and the quenching process cancel each other out, concluded Aluminum Alloy Plate tensile deformation after sawing area basis, has a very important significance in guiding production practice. Sudden rupture moment, the device stretched workpiece reasonable simplification of the jaw assembly of the clamping material, including on the geometric dimensions of the member and the surrounding constraint simplified, the establishment of the motion model and the mathematical model of the jaw assembly. In Matlab environment established on this basis, corresponding to the motion model of the simulation model, and for the jaw assembly during the movement in the tensile breaking and motion parameters (displacement, velocity, acceleration) for a detailed analysis. In addition, the establishment of the jaw assembly in tensile fracture mechanics model to analyze the dynamic response of the tensile fracture of the jaw assembly. Chuck jaw chuck mechanical model in a finite element software, analysis of the aluminum tensile fracture stress and strain distribution. Buffer cylinder buffer process analysis and calculation, the maximum pressure of the buffer cylinder buffer process has been most vigorously and cylinder are. Provide important theoretical basis in order to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

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