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Seismic Sedimentology and It’s Application in the Putaohua Oil Field

Author TianTengFei
Tutor LinChengYan
School China University of Petroleum
Course Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords seismic sedimentology 90°phase change stratal slicing interpretation of frequency Putaohua oil field
CLC P618.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Seismic sedimentology is a new subject which based on geophysics, sedimentology, seismic stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy. With the fast development of geophysical technology and the need of the exploring of the subtle reservoir, seismic technology is used generally. Under the direction of geology regularity, this subject aims to carry out a study on macroscopic sedimentary sets, sedimentary facies planar distribution and sedimentary evolution history through the 3D seismic information and modern geophysics technology.This paper was studied the interest region by seismic sedimentology, example of the Putaohua oil field PI oil layer. The seismic sedimentary facies explanation can be carried in the study area in which the sand bodies are narrow and thin. The research of reservoir prototype model occupies an important position in seismic sedimentology and it can be regarded as a bridge that connects these two research fields of seismology and geology. Several key technologies of seismic sedimentology are 90°phase change, stratal slicing, attribute analysis and interpretation of frequency. 90°phase change is used to correspond the phase axis and thin sand, giving geological sense to seismic event. The application of stratal slicing technique is to make seismic interpretation more in line with geological significance, so establishing isochronous stratigraphic framework. Through extracting properties from isochronous framework established by stratal slicing and making frequency-division interpretation, property section with time sense can be achieved. Under the guidance of the prototype model of the reservoir, sand prediction and research of sediments history can be made.Through the study of seismic sedimentology, Obtained distribution of sand body, and same as the well data into the sand body, more precise portrait of sand distribution.

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