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Research on Fan Delta Deposition and Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Intrabasinal Low-upwelling Area

Author GaoLiang
Tutor WangGuanMin
School China University of Petroleum
Course Geology
Keywords Sedimentary Characteristics Reservoir Heterogeneity Member 2 of Shahejie Formation Intrabasinal Low-upwelling Area
CLC P618.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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While the predecessors did a lot of research work of the fan delta, they seldom work the fan delta in the intrabasinal low-upwelling Area. There are the Member 2 of Shahejie Formation fan deltas around the uplift, after the early Shahejie exposure and denudation, along the zhuangxi 120 of the gudong low uplift pile in zhanhua sag, which has become a major oil and gas well reservoirs. In recent years, with the gradual in-depth research and oilfield development process arising conflicts, research of fan delta about deposition and reservoir heterogeneity in the intrabasinal low-upwelling area becomes increasingly urgent. In this paper, I full used regional geological, seismic, drilling, logging, core, oil field development, injection-production, etc. The use of sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy theories and wavelet analysis methods, I comprehensively study fan delta about deposition and reservoir heterogeneity in the intrabasinal low-upwelling area .By analysis of rock characteristics of the well, combined with logging data, I can clarify the bed of interest relations between the rock and electricity, and establish electrofacies. Then extrapolated according to the non-sampling wells according to log-phase, subdivided and contrasted about member and single sand body in the region. And by uniting core, seismic, logging data, confering plane where the location of wells are, I can draw up the sedimentary phase diagram of each cycle for the study area. And summarized depositional model about fan delta in the intrabasinal low-upwelling area: small fan delta; frequent migration of distributary channel, leading to less muddy sediments and mainly sandstone, siltstone between distributary channel; a large number of sheet sand, which shows a lot of snail fossils.On this basis, the use of more extensive logging, core test data, I can obtaine the rich and accurateporosity and permeability data, by the FORWORD software. I can summarizes porosity and permeability characteristics of the different cycles and microfacies by analysis. Through the relevant statistical parameters of the heterogeneity, the use of sequence stratigraphy theory and wavelet analysis method, I comprehensively study the distinguishing feature of endostratic heterogeneity, interlamination heterogeneity and areal heterogeneity about the 120 uplift fan delta phase , and summary the general law of the same phase reservoir on the lower uplift: common reservoir heterogeneity is generally controlled by the movements of base level cycle.On the basis of heterogeneity study, I also do a simple division about flow unit on this paper, and analyse its controlling factors.The research results about the fan delta in the intrabasinal low-upwelling area in this paper has in addition to some theoretical significance, and has some guidance of the development of relevant oil field reservoir.

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