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Synthesis and Application of Polyglycerol Ester of Gemini Stearic Acid

Author LiuXiaoZuo
Tutor ZhouLiGuo
School Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Gemini surfactants Polyglycerol ester Synthesis Performance
CLC TQ423.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Gemini surfactant is a new class of surfactants, because of its the dimeric structure thus has many special physical and chemical properties, widely useful, its applied research is more and more people are paying attention. This thesis is based on glycerin, stearic acid, anhydrous ethanol, ethyl formate, 1,2 - dibromoethane, sodium metal as the raw materials in the catalyst by polymerization, esterification, Claisen condensation, ketones, esters hydrocarbon , alkaline lysis, the transesterification reaction synthesis of a non-ionic the Gemini surfactant - Gemini Stearic acid glyceride, and their properties have been studied. Glycerin as the raw material after the synthesis of a series of polyglycerol to the polymerization reaction. Then, stearic acid, ethanol, ethyl formate, 1,2 - dibromoethane, sodium metal as raw material alkylation, esterification, Claisen condensation, ketoesters The basic cleavage reaction synthesized Intermediate: Gemini ethyl stearate, purified after separation by IR, NMR their structural characterization, the results show that stearic acid ethyl synthesized twin structure and design of the structure match. Further, the intermediate with a polyglycerol ester exchange reaction occurs in the catalyst under the conditions, synthesized a series of Gemini stearate polyglycerolesters (PGGE). Gemini stearate polyglycerol ester surfactant synthesis was measured, and its corresponding monostearate, polyglycerol esters were compared. The results showed that the gemini surfactant significantly lower surface tension and the critical micelle concentration is reduced by an order of magnitude; extend the duration of the emulsified nearly doubled; wetting time was reduced by about 39% to 58%; calcium soap dispersion index decreased by about 47% to 59%. Thus indicating that the glyceryl monostearate polyethylene compared, Gemini stearate polyglycerol ester having a higher surface activity. In addition, the synthesis product as antifogging drops applied to agricultural plastic film, to test the properties of the film after the sprayed anti-droplet, compared monostearate polyglycerolesters of polyglycerin polymerization degree and anti droplet between relationship, and inspected several times after spraying plastic film anti-droplet performance reproducibility. The results showed that the twin stearic acid polyglycerol anti droplet performance (early drop ten drops and high-temperature long-acting) better than the corresponding monostearate, polyglycerol ester, after spraying the plastic film many times use, better performance, dimeric, twin stearic acid, glyceryl anti-droplet, Twin stearic acid polyglycerol ester is a good performance of the agricultural plastic film anti-fog drops.

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