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Real-time Three-dimensional Profile Measurement and Software Developing

Author ZhangHengKang
Tutor HeYuMing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Solid Mechanics
Keywords Three-dimensional measurement Dynamic measurement Projected grating phase method Color CCD Binocular stereo vision
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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D Shape measurement has been a popular subject for research at home and abroad , measurement methods towards high-precision , fast , lossless direction . With the rapid development of computer hardware and camera equipment , machine vision measurement techniques gradually replace the traditional method has become a widely used non - contact measurement method . Optical 3D measurement of two important branch of the projected grating phase measurement and binocular vision measurement study and compare specific work as follows : based on the projected grating phase shift technology , design color fringe pattern phase shift required three the web has a retardation fringe pattern is placed in an image of red, green and blue channels . Projection of colored stripes , color CCD camera shooting by one shot to complete the three-step phase-shift calculation . The computer simulations to discuss the color response of each channel of the color image capture process different experimental results , namely the use of means method and fitting the fringe contrast correction . Experimental measurements of the three-dimensional morphology of the model to verify the feasibility phase shift method of colored stripes , and fluctuations in the error analysis . Focused on a single CCD camera based on the intersection of binocular vision model three-dimensional measurement system . Placed on both sides into a certain angle of the plane mirror before the CCD camera by a single shot , the image of the two there is a parallax , the two cameras of the image is equivalent to the camera in a plane mirror virtual image of the target taken from different angles of the obtained image according to binocular The visual principle can achieve a three-dimensional measurement . The paper describes in detail the layout of the experimental system , the establishment of a mathematical model of the three-dimensional coordinates , inside and outside the parameters of the system calibration experiment to verify the feasibility and reliability of the measurement and analysis methods , while taking advantage of the error theory to experimental error were analyzed. Matlab software based on the three-dimensional shape measurement software design , application GUI design features a clear visual interface and application matlab image acquisition toolbox CCD camera control , computing software and hardware interoperability , as the next field test analysis has laid a good foundation .

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