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Key Technologies of Mountain Highway Traffic Safety Administration Research and Application

Author LiJunHui
Tutor WenHuiYing
School South China University of Technology
Course Transportation Planning and Management
Keywords Speed Prediction Probabilistic Neural Network Security State Assessment and Early Warning Event Detection System framework
CLC U492.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Mountain roads has plagued highway departments for long time by a higher accident rate, To increase the level of Mountain Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more research and application of new technologies and new methods are needed. Systematic, intelligent is the future developing direction of mountain road safety management. Therefore, in this paper, through the study of the characteristics of mountain road, key technology of mountain highway traffic safety is focused on, and a framework of building mountain road safety management system is proposed. The key technology and system will be of great significance to the mountain road safety ideas management.Several key technologies of the Mountain Highway Traffic Safety Administration are studied, and system framework for integration of these technologies is proposed, including the following:1、Mountain road in accordance with the road conditions is sub-classified, and prediction methods of speed in various sections were analyzed. Thus speed distribution of sections can be researched without a lot of manual survey. This method can overcome the larger cost of the current speed forecast of mountain road brought by actual observation and manual investigation. The relationship between road linear conditions and the actual speed is considered. Therefore, actual speed of not surveyed sections also can be predicted. These can be basis of the follow-up Road Safety evaluation.2、In this paper, road sections will be divided into different types, classified using a probabilistic neural network assessment of security and early warning. In this method, the input indicators and evaluation criteria should be selected appropriately, and comprehensiveness and representative should be simultaneously considered. As using probabilistic neural network as a tool to evaluate, problems of determining parameters and weight in other methods can be avoided, and affect of Human factors to result can be overcame. This makes the course simple and the result reasonable. This method can be used to evaluate if the input data is historical or projections, and can be used to predict the security status section and to achieve early warning function when combined with real-time collected data.3、In this paper, mountain highway incident detection method based on signal analysis is proposed. This method can realize event occurrence detection and location with not much input, and simulation results show its high accuracy. Generally speaking, mountain roads have relatively simple conditions. If a traffic accident can not be found immediately, it will cause serious traffic congestion and loss. In one way, current research on the mountain road events detection is of less. In another way, many of the highway incident methods are not applicable in the mountain road. Therefore, this method is easy to implement and promote.4、On the basis of the research of key technologies, mountain road traffic safety management system framework design is proposed. Integrate these key technologies in the form of system, and promote it to the application level. The system is completed not only for future research to provide data support, but also for mountain road traffic safety management to achieve most of the functions work.In key technologies research of mountain road safety management, this paper persisted principles of the practical and advanced results, and emphasized the combination of mountain road traffic safety management’s actual needs. In the course of the study, on the existing research studies have been conducted with more collate and analyze the complete, in-depth research for the follow-up clarified the thinking and clear direction for major breakthroughs. These results will help to promote the mountain road traffic safety management techniques and methods to further improve and in-depth research, suitable for mountainous areas for the development of mountain road traffic safety management information products, promoting road traffic safety of the Mountain Research is also important.

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