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Numeration Simulation of Inner Flow with Different Structural Parameters in Vortex Pump

Author ZhangFan
Tutor ZhaoWanYong
School Lanzhou University of Technology
Course Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Keywords Vortex pump Structural parameters Internal flow field Numerical Simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The vortex pump structure is simple, compact, widely used in the family and various sectors of the national economy. The main problems of the vortex pump efficiency is low. Vortex pump internal flow, however, is very complex, it is three-dimensional incompressible turbulent flow with vortex motion, the use of the experimental method is difficult to carry out its internal flow analysis, research, and therefore the numerical simulation of the vortex pump internal flow field The study is an effective means. Different structural parameters of the vortex pump, numerical simulation, and analysis of the impact on the performance of the vortex pump, which provides a basis for the improvement and optimization of the vortex pump and improve the efficiency of the pump. Both numerical simulation and experimental study of the past to change the structure of the vortex pump parameters other parameters are fixed and only change a structure parameter to study its impact on pump performance. Five kinds of structural parameters of the vortex pump change while introducing orthogonal experimental design, and ultimately get 16 different parameters of the vortex pump model. After using PRO / E, three-dimensional modeling of the flow area of ??the vortex pump, non-structural meshing with the GAMBIT software that its internal flow area; based on the Reynolds averaged equations and RNGκ-ε turbulence model and the use of body-fitted coordinate system and staggered grid system of NS equations discrete finite volume method; vortex pump in different flow numerical simulation using FLUENT software. Finishing calculated to achieve better results of numerical simulation based on the simulation results, draw 16 different structural parameters of the vortex pump flow - lift flow - efficiency curve, divided into four groups, most elected from each group excellent efficiency, the head of the vortex pump model, the last of these four sets of data with the prototype pump to make the final contrast and analyze its structure, the following conclusions to the vortex pump hydraulic design of the auxiliary role in guiding. Different structure parameters of 25W-25 type vortex pump research and the main results achieved: 1. Flow - lift and flow - efficiency curve by comparing various model pump, model # 10, # 13 model for the final preferred model, the specific choice of a model should be considered the actual situation. Verify vortex pump characteristic curve analysis comparisons of five kinds of structural parameters on the external characteristics of the vortex pump;, and this article selected parameter changes within the impeller speed, number of blades and blade height is strongly influenced the structural parameters. Better model within characteristics verify the vortex pump the momentum exchange principle as well as longitudinal vortex vortex pump outside characteristics. 4 orthogonal experiment design optimization of the structural parameters of the vortex pump has great practical value.

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