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Epidemiological Investigation and Control of CSF in Intensive Pig Farms in Longyan City

Author LiXiaoHua
Tutor WangShouKun;YangXiaoYan
School Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Keywords Longyan City Swine fever Epidemiological investigation Control (Purification )
CLC S858.28
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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CSFV, also known as classical swine fever (Classical Swine Fever CSF), is caused by the Classical Swine Fever virus (Classical swine fever virus, CSFV) pigs highly lethal, contagious disease. This article by swine fever epidemiological investigation and pathology of the large-scale pig farms in Longyan City, detected by RT-PCR and immune status of investigation to study the popular features of the disease in the city, so as to further the development of large-scale pig farms pig plague control (purification) measures to reduce the disease on the loss of the city's pig industry pig scale. The main results are as follows: 1, swine fever epidemic Survey: After the incidence and clinical investigation on the 17 incidence pig of Longyan City, pathological anatomy, that pigs may be infected with swine fever, and further application of the RT-PCR method swine fever suspected cases of classical swine fever pathogen detection, 12 pig farms, the positive rate was 70.59%, and classical swine fever is still important infectious disease in the pig industry against the city. 2 swine fever antibody level selected: from January to December 2009, covering seven counties in Longyan complex large-scale pig farms in 93 of the more than 100 sows, randomly collected serum 4471, which sows 2161 boar 280 copies 415 copies of the 10-25-day-old suckling piglets 713 copies of the 30-60-day-old nursery pigs ,120-180-day-old finishing pigs were 946 applications enzyme linked immunosorbent assay detection of classical swine fever antibody levels results of the various stages of the herd of swine fever antibodies pass rate were: Sow 58.64% (1364/2161); boar 62.47% (176/280), piglets, 42.16% (180/415),, nursery pigs 32.89% (307 / 713), fattening pigs 62.23% (699/946), the test results show that, despite the generally high density of classical swine fever immunization, but the rate is still not high swine fever antibody qualified, suckling piglets and weaners swine fever antibodies The pass rate is significantly lower. 3, the classical swine fever control practices and effectiveness: attempt monoclonal antibody enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique, in a large-scale pig farm, the implementation of the control of classical swine fever (purification) research mainly to purify the boar and sow, the results show that swine fever antibody levels are low (the blocking rate ≤ 50%) or abnormal (blocking rate gt; 90%) of the pigs, swine fever, the infection rate is high, the blocking rate lt; 50% of sows Free swine fever vaccine is the rise of pigs swine fever antibodies rarely manifested as immunosuppression or immune tolerance. Farms by the to nurture healthy swine fever infected breeding herd and reserve breeding herd, periodic testing, while the development of rational immunization programs, and achieved good results. Slightly higher average litter number born alive (P = 0.0983); various stages herds month survival rate (delivery room, conservation, fattening) have improved throughout the survival rate increased by 2%; sow abortion stillbirth rate was significantly lower (P lt; 0.01).

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