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The Effect of Meadow Brome (Bromus Riparius) Planting on Soil Moisture Dynamic Changes

Author BaoHeXiTu
Tutor HongYu;SunTieJun
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Botany
Keywords Meadow brome Soil moisture Dynamic changes Slope Mowing
CLC S157
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Barren hills and wasteland low vegetation cover, the soil is poor in water-solid, easy to make soil erosion is an important part of the construction of the ecosphere, but also the important and difficult mountain ecological construction. Therefore, reasonable and effective use of the water resources of soil, vegetation physiological water demand, improve the ecological environment key. For the vegetation recovery reconstruction of scientific issues critical limiting factors of vegetation construction on soil water into the starting point set by natural rainfall conditions, select 15 ° and 25 ° sloping grassland bird wheat planting test plots and to bare for control, observation, and the meadow brome biological characteristics and sloping rainfall infiltration, runoff and soil moisture dynamic variation, research the meadow brome planting of the sloping soil moisture dynamic change, made the main conclusions are as follows: 1. region at 15 ° sloping meadow brome four years after planting, the aboveground biomass of up to 4967.3 kg/hm2 0 to 30 cm underground biomass 3941.4kg/hm2 0 ~ 10cm soil underground biomass grassland underground soil and water conservation the functioning of the main part. Slope have a significant impact on the meadow brome aboveground biomass, and the slope of meadow brome underground biomass had no significant effect; the meadow brome mowing treatment on the ground, a certain role in promoting the growth of underground biomass. Meadow brome planting can significantly improve soil infiltration rate, the effect of the prevention and control of soil erosion, water retention capacity of up to 94.2%. Slope annual runoff of surface depth is not significant; mowing will reduce the the grassland soil infiltration rate, thereby increasing the the meadow brome sloping surface runoff, but has little effect on annual runoff depth; the meadow brome different line spacing planting vegetation height significant impact on the cover significantly, thereby significantly affect the annual runoff depth; greater the density, the more obvious effects of erosion control. More obvious during the Beijing area 15 ° sloping soil moisture dynamic variation is mainly distributed in March to September, during the rainy season can be divided into early (March to June) soil water content continued to decline, and the rainy season (July to September ) soil moisture is gradually rising phase. Which, during the rainy season antecedent soil moisture content lower the meadow brome planting can slow down the sloping depth of 0 ~ 60cm soil moisture decreased, the role of 0 ~ 20cm soil maintain soil moisture content between 13.3% to 14.6%; rainy season rainfall increased significantly, meadow brome can promote the sloping soil moisture absorption reached a relatively high state, and more than 16% higher than in the soil water content, acceleration 0 ~ 60cm soil layer, especially the 0 ~ 20cm soil layer of water loss maintain soil moisture content of 13.4%. Changes of slope mowing treatment the meadow brome soil moisture dynamic variation was not obvious; meadow brome line spacing changes the dynamic changes in soil moisture affect the reasonable density planting of the sloping soil moisture dynamic change Beijing area 30cm row spacing planting grass brome role most obvious effect of Soil and Water Conservation. Saturated water conditions, the different densities grass with bare soil column evapotranspiration with the continuation of time showing a decreasing trend after the first increase, of which at least, bare ground and soil column evapotranspiration; grassland bird wheat soil column evapotranspiration with planting density increases. Saturated water conditions, meadow brome accelerated soil moisture loss.

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