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Study on Control System Integration of CAN Bus Based Carpet Tufting Machine

Author WangWeiBin
Tutor ChenGuangFeng
School Donghua University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords CAN bus System integration Modular Schedulability analysis Tufted carpet machine
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Domestic carpet tufting equipment, years of research, the servo traverse small motor jacquard clutch jacquard, bottom cloth intermittent feeding and other key technology breakthrough, but most models can only be part of the process parameters digitized adjust the machine limited flexibility, solved the problem of carpet tufting machine control system integration technology. This thesis, this study, for the study of the main line to the whole modular design, carpet tufting machine control system the typical function module hardware and software structure analysis, improvement and design. The main work is as follows: analysis of the existing control system's structure and function, and on this basis, re-planning system's on, the next bit machine overall structure, in the PC adding carpet surface quality detection module; the lower machine division for synchronous control system, servo traverse module base fabric feed module, the roller control module and the yarn guide rollers control module CAN bus communication between the host computer and the next machine and lower machine. Start with the function of each part of the system, the communication needs of the various subsystems, the design of the control system CAN communication message encoding, and reserved for system upgrade space. CAN bus schedulability analysis and demonstration on the design of the communication model, determined to meet the requirements of system communication time limit communication frequency. Lower machine designed according to the modular design concept, consider the requirements of the overall system performance, the choice of TMS320LF2407A, TPS7333 6N137 devices designed processor module, CAN communication module, memory expansion modules, common hardware module and the sensor module, drive module specific modules these standard function module combination constitutes child nodes of lower machine hardware systems; various control requirements for the next-bit machine, common software module designed a common main program, the main loop, CAN interrupt and timer interrupt high interrupt, ADC interrupt dedicated software modules, the use of these standard modules combined with custom software written for each subsystem located in the main loop, you can achieve the lower machine system control functions. The development of the host computer using VC prepared by the control logic and human-machine interface, the CAN communication API is called, the CAN communication between the host computer and the next crew. PC software calls the existing carpet surface quality testing software, the camera data analysis, quality inspection of the carpet surface. Host computer parsing process images and parameter settings, the control information is downloaded to the next bit plane, release of control to the lower local synchronization control module, tufting machine is running the host computer the next-bit machine running state conduct monitoring, receive lower machine to send a variety of speed and line number information and display interface, error error warning is given and given treatment recommendations. Simulation test, the the lower machine control system can achieve good control of the motor and the spindle speed to follow, the host computer can be displayed in real time to the next bit machine running state, met the design requirements.

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