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Research of Absorbed Fiber-optic CO Gas Sensor Signal Processing

Author HuDan
Tutor ZhangGang;ChenYouPing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Fiber Gas Sensor Spectral absorption type optical fiber gas sensor Weak Signal Differential detection Harmonic Detection
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With oil and natural gas industry and the development of the coal industry , energy production , safety and environmental pollution problems become the focus of growing concern . Coal, metallurgy , casting, such as industrial production and daily life for a variety of toxic and hazardous , flammable or explosive gases is particularly important for real-time monitoring . Compared to traditional electrical sensors , fiber optic sensors in the course of the process will not produce sparks , less likely to cause an explosion , but also aging and poisoning phenomenon does not occur . Spectrum absorptive optical fiber gas sensor has high sensitivity , fast response time , high resolution , anti-electromagnetic interference , applicable to inflammable and explosive dangerous occasions advantages , much the attention of scholars at home and abroad , industrial production , environmental monitoring and other areas of significant research and practical value . This article , based on the carbon monoxide (CO) gas is chosen as the object of study , the key technology and main component modules of the spectral absorption -type fiber CO gas sensor detection system were studied . First , the spectrum of the gas molecules absorb theory , detection and harmonic detection both weak signal processing technology for the analysis of differential absorption , respectively , to finalize the theoretical model of the optical fiber gas sensor based on differential harmonic detection . Then combined with the specific requirements of the design , the design of the sensor system is the key part of the gas chamber , a reasonable choice of the major components of the sensor system , such as the light source , photodetector . Next, through the use of the modern photoelectric detection technology and weak signal processing technology , the design of the sensor system weak optical signal detection module , the preamplifier circuit , the band-pass filter circuit and differential toward circuit . Shortly thereafter, again with LabVIEW software the sensor system differential signal processing module designed as a platform . After the completion of the system design , in order to verify the feasibility and practicality of the design , its experimental measured final experimental data , and the experimental results are discussed , The results show that the design meets the expected requirements . Finally, a comprehensive summary of all the work done in the design and analysis of deficiencies , future research direction of the late .

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