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A Study of Unit Structure of High School Chinese Textbook of Shanghai and a Thought on Unit Teaching

Author ZhangHuiTeng
Tutor ZhengGuiHua
School East China Normal University
Course Curriculum and Instruction
Keywords High school Chinese textbook the unit structure teaching unit as a whole
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Along with the two reforms of curriculum, there are four editions of high school Chinese textbooks, which are H version, S version, the experimental version and the trail version. All of them divide reading part and writing part into two. In this paper, the reading part of Shanghai high school Chinese textbook is studied and the unit structure, including the selection of the texts, layout principles, the connection between elements and units, the presentation of units are paid most attention to, so that the writing idea of the textbooks and the reflects of the curriculum outline or curriculum standard can be explored. Then according to the unit presentation of the different versions of the textbooks, the specific ways of implementation of the unit teaching are proposed.In the first chapter, the reading part of high school textbooks during the first reform of curriculum is studied. The idea of improving students’reading ability as the main goal was obviously reflected in S version, H version. There are units about the history of Chinese ancient literature in S version as well as units about Chinese culture and literature in H version, which both make emphasis on meaning of learning Chinese ancient literature and inheriting Chinese tradition. S version organizes the unit according to the genres of different articles, emphasizing the learning of the knowledge and skills of articles reading. H version organizes the unit according to the reading skills, which has a clear learning sequence, emphasizing the different methods and skills to read texts in different genres. However, knowledge and skills can not cover all the contents of the subject of Chinese, to some extent, the side of humanism of Chinese as a subject has been neglected.In ChapterⅡ, the reading part of high school textbooks (experimental version and trail version) during the second reform of curriculum is studied. The textbooks organize the unit according to the topic of human subject, emphasizing the philosophy of the development of students and leaning knowledge and skills through linguistic practice. Compared with the experimental version, the trail version makes some retention and deletion of the units of topic, adds some units of genres, making a renewed emphasis on knowledge and skills of language learning. According to the current results of the research on foreign school language textbooks, the concept of organizing unit by topics of human subject meets the trend of world educational reform and the needs of the times.In ChapterⅢ, according to the results of study in the previous two chapters, the implement of unit teaching is studied in three aspects, which are the setting of objectives, the process of designing and the evaluation of teaching. Two pieces of teaching plan of the trail version of textbooks are put forward to show the idea of implements.

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