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Research on the Comprehensiv Evaluation of Producer Services Functional Areas

Author SunTianHui
Tutor TangBingYong
School Donghua University
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords Producer Service Functional Area of Producer Service Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Fuzzy Evaluation Model Triangular Fuzzy Number
CLC F719
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the rapid development of industry, the producer service has become an important engine for economic development. As the important organization form and carrier of productive service, the comprehensive development level of producer services functional areas is an important landmark of competitiveness and modernization level for a country and regional. The great significance of evaluating the comprehensive development level of the functional areas is to understand the importance of various factors on the construction of functional, and that can provide decision-making basis to park management. This paper focuses on the comprehensive evaluation of producer services functional areas, that to build a reasonable measure index and evaluation method and explore the methods for the comprehensive level of producer services functional areas. which to promote the ceaseless perfect and healthy development of producer service function areas.Based on the literature data and actual cases, this paper research on the comprehensive evaluation of producer services functional areas in China, combination of economics and management science to set a scientific and effective comprehensive evaluation index system and evaluation methods for production services functional area.First of all, this paper reviews the research situation of producer services functional areas combined with related literature, expounds the research background, methods and innovative points, and puts forward the significance of the productive service functional areas comprehensive evaluation.Secondly, after analyzes the content and features of the functional areas, this paper expounds the principles, objectives and significance of building the indicator system, and design the comprehensive evaluation indicators to the productive service functional areas basis on the evaluation theory from 6 aspects:the support functions and service quality, economic benefits and comprehensive strength, industry development and agglomeration level, brand strategy and technology innovation, energy saving and ecological protection, organization management and spiritual civilization (a total of 36 indicators)Thirdly, a systematic review of common steps comprehensive evaluation is made and the research Progress of indicator system and assessment methods are discussed in detail. In addition, a set of Pervasive indicator system is designed of revaluation of productive service functional areas. The characteristics and deficiency of three already applied methods:grey clustering, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy cognitive maps are discussed respectively and a comparison is made.Last, selected one of the typical functional areas in Shanghai and used the above evaluation index system and evaluation model for empirical research. On the one hand, verify the feasibility and scientific of the model through the practice, on the other hand, find out the problem of the functional area that exists in development and help managers make reasonable development strategy, promote the comprehensive development of functional area.In all, the main achievement of the Paper is the establishment of general indicator system for assessment of producer services functional areas. Based on this indicator system, AHP-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is for the first time applied to assessment of producer services functional areas. First of all, this research based on domestic and foreign production service industry agglomeration theory, while a combination the development situation of Shanghai producer service functional areas, the analysis has certain prospective. Secondly, the paper analyzes the industrial agglomeration theory of productive service functional areas, on the basis of this, a comprehensive evaluation index system of productive service functional areas is designed, which is the certain theoretical innovation. Finally, the evaluation model and the integrated evaluation method is established according to the actual situation and the comparative analysis of several evaluation methods, which can scientific and rational measure the development level of producer services functional areas and provide decision-making for managers, which is the practical innovation.

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