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Providing Creative Ideological and Political Education to the Graduates in the Process of Building a Harmonious Society

Author LiXu
Tutor LiXianBin
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords harmonious society graduate student ideological and political education innovation
CLC G643.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Graduate student education, a very important part of higher education, is the highest level of China’s education, bearing the task of cultivating high-quality, high-level and creative talents for the national modernization. And the ideological and political education, an vital content of the Graduates Education, is the basic guarantee of completing the task successfully.Building a harmonious socialist society is a new theory put forward by the CPC Sixteenth Central Committee of China according to the new requirements, new trend and new features of economic and social development. This is not only significant to carry out the scientific development, realize the coordinated development of economic society and the aim of the ruling party, but also points out the direction for political education of the Graduates and proposes new requirements and tasks for them. This article focuses on how to innovate the Graduates political education, and approaches to achieve the goal in the process of building a harmonious society.Building a harmonious society is the demands of the time and the people. Under the new situation. in order to further improve and enhance the effectiveness of the ideological and political education, the article starts with the study of the concept, position and role of it to overview the current status of graduate students moral and analyze the problem and the cause in it, which also reviews the developing history of Harmonious Society Theory and analyzes the proof of it as well as the heroic and realistic relationship between them, describing the two of them can’t be separated from each other. It also discusses that the building of harmonious society make new demands to the ideological and political education and the positive role the education played in society, try to overcome the ways of the education, propose the improvement of the Graduates’ faculty, the content innovation, the environment construction enhancing, the methods perfection and the effectiveness promotion.In a word, in the background of building a harmonious society, the innovation of the Graduates’ ideological and political education is imperative. Through innovation, to explore kinds of effective, targeted and feasible mechanisms to fit the Graduates’ psychology and the requirements of education, training high-quality talents which can meet the requirements of building a harmonious society.

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