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Fine geographical coordinates navigation projection technology research and application

Author ZhuYanFeng
Tutor BaiJinPing;WangZuo
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Coordinate transformation Coordinate projection Optimal route
CLC P226.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid growth of our national economy, all the materials for fast, efficient transport become important factors to promote rapid economic development, various types of vehicles based on GPS and GIS technology, navigation, scheduling, monitoring system has been a lot of engineering and technical personnel wide attention, and has been widely used in various industries. In all types of vehicle navigation, scheduling, monitoring system, GPS terminal equipment measured vehicle position information with our geographic coordinate system GIS information between conversion algorithm to become one of the key integration of GPS and GIS technology. This paper is the response to these needs, \The system can track the real-time vehicle location and work status, accurate statistics on the amount of work for each vehicle, the auxiliary vehicle scheduling operations personnel to achieve automatic scheduling of the shovel, truck and other production equipment to improve vehicle efficiency, reduce production costs, improve mine economic benefits ; system can be timely, accurate, comprehensive collection of production information, and to establish a detailed and accurate production database, automate query statistics to avoid artificially statistics error for further in-depth analysis of the production process, optimize production planning, mining production potential, improve mining economic benefits contribute. Before, in-depth understanding of the principle of GPS positioning and the status quo of China's geographic information system as well as the characteristics of the geographic information Yiminhe Opencast system software design, GPS uses WGS-84 coordinate system, the BJ-54 coordinate system used in China, Yiminhe open pit mine coordinate system used between the coordinate transformation and inverse transform algorithm and map projection coordinate transform and inverse transform algorithm made exploratory research. Detailed study of the characteristics of domestic generic WGS-84 coordinate system with the BJ-54 coordinate system conversion algorithm model. Coordinate transformation parameters can not be obtained, by more than four sets of WGS-84, the common point of the BJ-54 coordinate calculation method of coordinate transformation parameters. BJ-54 coordinate system Cartesian coordinate system with the BJ-54 coordinate the projection inverse solution equation. BJ-54 conversion relation between the Cartesian coordinate system with regional coordinate system. - Mine a lesser extent on the basis of the general algorithm, combined with the characteristics of the open pit mine scheduling system, the real-time requirements of the system, exploratory research another WGS-84 coordinate system and the regional coordinate system (mine coordinates Department) conversion simple algorithm - any with coordinate projection method. Running time prediction method commonly used sections based on the difference between open pit transport system with urban traffic or general highway transportation system analysis. The advantages of using a neural network model to predict the optimal path: (1) vehicle terminal reported data can be used as the input of the neural network; (2) the Kalman filter, the neural network can be off-line training to reduce the calculation of the online prediction amount; (3) the model has a good dynamic response characteristics during peak hours can achieve better results. Briefly neural network approach to mine fine navigation in open pit mine scheduling system in optimal routing decisions. - Coordinate conversion module as part of the system software software design through system design, system development, system simulation test, the system of small-scale industrial test, system installation and commissioning, system commissioning and system training stages, and basically complete the scheduling center application software system ready to function on the basis of data and information collection with instructions to send the car shovel state identification and dynamic display, automatic scheduling, the scene state simulation system developed with the FBI, the existing 53 units of equipment in the system to run After several years of running, that fully satisfy the system of indicators and scheduling requirements to receive good results.

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