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The Jingwei film since the 1990s

Author JiPing
Tutor LiZongGang
School Shandong Normal University
Course Film Studies
Keywords The Beijing style movie language interpretation audio-visual theme Mass culture
CLC J905
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The Beijing flavor film itself has the unique charm and the research value. From the Beijing flavor film situation which has looked that, nearly each rich Beijing style characteristic movie, all liked in the degree or the artistic value in either the audience has obtained the big success. In view of the immediately movie market in, the movie wins the ordinary populace’s universal approval more and more with difficulty and likes this present situation, since regarding 1990s once the more successful Beijing flavor film analysis research, hoped can provide certain model significance to the current movie development.The introduction section of this article is a summary of the introductory remarks on the present academia-flavored film this cultural phenomenon of the status quo, and sketched the general outline of this content.The first chapter, after being about the research current situations of unique Beijing flavor and unique Beijing flavor film in the survey, point out clearly the unique Beijing flavor film since 1990s is different from the place of variation of the early unique Beijing flavor film --Characteristic desalinization of region of Beijing of environmental model; The intension of the unique Beijing flavor film is not enough to contain all the unique Beijing flavor film works since 1990s. So this text in forefathers to research results foundation of subject this, summarize, sum up, happen unique Beijing flavor film definition of intension further: Though the intension of the unique Beijing flavor film includes a great deal of factors, such as displaying the life state of the stratum of citizen of Beijing, environmental Beijing region characteristic of model, Beijing application of dialect, and so on. But it must borrow this demonstrate Beijing cultural spirit come on finally, this is its most essential intension key element. In go on define, by intension of film to unique Beijing flavor, article comb to particular historical period unique Beijing flavor film four development overview of historical stage this.The second section of this article, from themes, the people and topics of angle, this period has been flavored film topic explains: themes: first, this time to Beijing in a special group of people for the performance of the content of traditional film, focusing on the performance of their entire large external growth environment between the growth and the fight against "relationships tend to be the expression of political perspective; Secondly, this time to Beijing, ordinary people’s daily life for the performance of the content of traditional film, showing the trend in major social thought and in everyday life, modern way of life of individuals, faced with traditional and modern values of choice this theme; and to a strong main consciousness, responsible for promoting traditional moral values. Characters: this period traditional film portraying a series features a distinctive characters: Raisin’s youth "Troubleshooters", Georgians and crafty old little puzzle lost modern people. Topic: this period-flavored film in theme, by individual families in "family" of regression crave, on social groups in the warmth of the call to a strong sense of responsibility, of the principal calls for the return of traditional values.The third section of this article, based on the film as an independent audio-visual language of art from this period-flavored environment modeling features, features characters and movie music sound characteristics of the angle it explains: environmental modeling: article pointed out that although the time change, the regional environment-flavored film appearance was not so obvious, but you can still see their tracks: on the Beijing building capture, on Beijing’s unique custom rendering; characters language characteristics: pointed that period-flavored film language on three levels of characteristics: humorous-flavored language; rich philosophical-flavored language; to traditional language is the most powerful imaging tools. Film music sound characteristics: highlights the use of traditional music on "traditional" atmosphere, as well as on the performance of Beijing’s cultural spirit.The fourth section of this article, explains since this particular historical period, the traditional causes of film development variation-flavored literature on multiple levels of nourishing; movies is from Temple to civilians during the transitional period of history, film industry on traditional film development of huge impetus; Beijing as a national cultural resources Center, on the development of traditional film offers many advantages.Finally this article attributing traditional film itself challenges and future trends: traditional film although challenges, but there is still a very big market demand; traditional movie you want to continue to grow, we must deal with its own characteristics and different geographical and culture background of the relationship between the audience.

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