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Study on Surface Properties of Sugar Alkenyl Succinate Anhydride and Its Separation ,Purification

Author ZhouYan
Tutor HeXiaoWei
School South China University of Technology
Course Industry Technology and Engineering
Keywords Sugar esters of alkenyl succinic acid Surface properties Complex Separate Application
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Sugar esters, a class of widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, non-ionic surfactant. It has a non-toxic, tasteless, easily degradable, and therefore is subject to domestic and foreign scholars are concerned about. Launched a more systematic study subjects, respectively, from the synthesis of sugar esters, surface chemical properties, the performance of complex separation and purification and application. The main test results are as follows: 1, the synthesis of the alkenyl succinic acid sugar esters. The aqueous phase prepared sugar ester reaction even environmentally friendly. 2, alkenyl succinic acid sugar esters, and the surface of the chemical properties. Sugar ester having a high surface activity, The DDSS of the γCMC and CMC, respectively, than the the LAS small 3.628 mN · m -1 and 0.76 g · L -1 ; increase of the sugar esters dissolved significantly stronger than LAS the its solubilization limit can be reached 0.2mL, the LAS only reach 0.07mL; emulsifying ability of long carbon chain sugar ester solution stable than the low-carbon chain sugar esters emulsifying capacity; sugar esters hair bubble force and foam stability increases with the increase in the amount of the anhydride were added, the growth of the carbon chain is reduced; sugar esters, the HLB is above 11, can be used as an O / W emulsifier has a strong role in the solubilization of decontamination role and the role of wetting; With the growth of the carbon chain, the hard water stability is slightly lower, and hard water tolerant sugar esters significantly stronger than LAS. 3, alkenyl succinic acid sugar esters complex performance. DDSS / LAS surface tension reduction in the mass ratio of 2:3,4:1 when most obvious synergies maximum; sugar ester itself is a low foaming surfactant, and anionic and non-ionic surface active agent compound can be reduced the foam height of these surfactants, enhance the foam stability, played a good synergistic effect; the poor transparency ODSS and transparency preferably APG compounded, the transparency of the mixed solution has been greatly improved, that sugar ester solution has good compatibility; ODSS APG mixed after strong synergies, significantly enhanced to make ODSS the hard water stability; sugar esters LAS strong salt tolerance; With alkenyl succinic acid sugar esters, and the growth of the carbon chain of the hydrophobic group, the transparency of the solution is decreased gradually. 4 alkenyl succinic acid sugar esters, separation and purification. By electrophoresis of crude sugar esters, sugar and sugar esters stars leave but how the stars left to the sugar and sugar esters extracted, is the determination of the content of the active substance a difficulty; by extraction methods Determination active matter content having a simple operation, The advantages of fast. 5, the application performance of the sugar esters of alkenyl succinic. Alkenyl succinic acid sugar esters have a strong ability to reduce the value of the solution CMC, detergent washing performance; increases the viscosity of formulations; improved detergency; reduce foaming, can be used as a low foaming a surface-active agent.

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