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The universal ideological Research Bunin novel

Author WuQiong
Tutor ZhaoXiaoBin
School Harbin Normal University
Course Russian Language and Literature
Keywords Bunin Universal Harmony Cultures meet Human center of the universe says
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The history of Russian literature, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, outstanding --- the Overseas Russian writer Ivan Bunin (1870-1953), in exile before had been the great concern of the Russian literature, after thawing literary rise , its increasingly prominent position in the history of Russian literature. Residing Bunin many novels are filled with strong ethnic ideology, but he had gone abroad and the creation of a clear shift elements all ages of the world outside of the nation, his world increasingly strong feelings, and complement its national ideology. Residing in foreign life, to look at a broader Bunin feelings treat people with the world - but a universal feelings. Bunin spiritual life, along with the constant improvement, such as \its unique universal ideas. Bunin works reflect this universal ideas, domestic and foreign scholars also insufficient, and even very few. Therefore, we Bunin novels as the starting point, and with reference to the results of previous studies, analysis and in-depth explanation of Bunin creation of universal ideological connotation and basic characterization. The paper is divided into the introduction, the main part of the four chapters, conclusion and references. Introduction proposed to be studied in this paper summarizes the status quo of research on this issue at home and abroad, as well as the purpose of this study, the significance, ideas and methods. Chapter \research. Chapter II by analyzing Bunin's novel embodies the pursuit of a harmonious concept of value to humanity, equality, brotherhood, is designed to explore the of Bunin universal human feelings. Chapter Bunin works cross-cultural encounter phenomenon. This chapter combined with the specific text of the novel, explain Bunin novel, the Middle East, the phenomenon of the collision and fusion of Western culture. In order to point on behalf surface, designed to further understand the the World Unification specific Bunin creation as well as to seek a universal idea of ??multicultural dialogue on an equal footing. Chapter behalf Bunin philosophy of the new universe of human said \performance. In conclusion, a brief summary of the full text, while the value and significance of the reality that of Bunin universal thought.

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